September 8, 2006

Amazon launches Amazon Unbox video download service

Amazon Unbox is a DVD-quality video download service which will offer movies and TV shows. Unbox offer video encoded at 2500 Kilobits per second for DVD quality video and it also includes a second file optimized for playback on windows media portable device at no extra cost.
If you have very fast broadband connection then you can start watching the video without completely downloading the video as Unbox uses progressive download system. Unbox has RemoteLoad technology by which you can purchase the video from you office computer and download it to your home computer.
Movie studios like 20th Century Fox, paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Lionsgate and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios are participating. TV networks like BBC, Cartoon Network, CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, MTV, VH1 and many more are participating.
Unbox runs only on Windows XP system and you cant make a DVD to view on other devices like DVD player. You can re-download your video from Amazon unbox in case your computer crashes. Amazon Unbox uses an Amazon Unbox player, files downloaded from Unbox can be played only with the Unbox player the smaller file can be played on windows mobile devices.

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