January 12, 2010

Top 5 Tech Trends at CES 2010

Last week at CES 2010 electronic industry showcased what new gizmos they have in store for 2010. Devices as small as few millimeters in size to as big as 150-inch plasma TV were on display. Every year the sheer number of devices shown at CES has increased and this year was no different. CES gives a clear idea what technological trends the electronic industry will follow for the coming year and this year the top 5 tech trends were:
  • 3D HDTV: 3D TVs have been a novelty item at CES for past few years. However, this year almost every TV manufacturer showcased HDTVs with 3D capability. LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all had more than a few 3D HDTV models on display and they plan to ship 3D HDTVs by mid of 2010. But, as it was evident at CES, 3D is just a buzzword. It’s impossible to get good 3D experience without wearing glasses, and after wearing glasses also you have to sit exactly in front of the 3D HDTV to get a good viewing angle.
  • Tablet Computing: Microsoft showed their tablet concept almost 10 years back, which was basically a laptop supporting stylus input. Till now tablets have been a big flop because of limitations like weight, input technology and operating system. It is rumored that Apple will introduce new tablet later this month and in an effort to one-up Apple every computer maker had at least one tablet prototype on display at CES. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer showcased tablets from HP, Dell and Acer in his keynote. However, most of the tablet shown at CES won’t ship until second half of 2010. And also most of the tablets shown were based on OSes designed for either computers or smartphones. One of the most interesting tablets shown at CES was from Lenovo, as it was a laptop-tablet hybrid and when it was in tablet form it used Linux based OS specifically designed for tablet.
  • EBook Readers: E Ink display technology based EBook readers have been on the market for quite sometime and even though, they haven’t created a big market the number of EBook readers showcased at CES was unimaginable. There were some interesting concepts and the one that stood out most was Plastic Logic’s Que. The Que offers a big 8-1/2” x 11” touchscreen with the best newspaper and magazine reading experience ever seen on an E-reader. However, its price at more than $600 would be a big hurdle in Que’s adoption.
  • Wireless HD Display Technology: We all want to watch the video content stored on our computers, on the big screen HDTV wirelessly. There have been some solutions available in the market, but it is the first time that a company like Intel has offered an easy to integrate wireless solution. Intel announced WiDi HD wireless display technology at CES. WiDi will allow Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 based computers to wirelessly stream HD video via a TV adapter to your HDTV. Though the technology is slightly limited at present, but it’s a step in right direction.
  • Multitouch Everywhere: Apple brought multitouch screen technology to prominence with iPhone launch in 2007. Now every cellphone and computer maker is trying to integrate multitouch technology in their products. Devices ranging from small MP3 players to large LCD displays with multitouch support were shown at CES 2010. However, the best use of multitouch technology was again showcased in portable devices like tablets rather than on desktop LCD displays. We think multitouch input will be very important factor in making next generation tablets successful after being on the market for almost 10 years.

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