May 16, 2008

Canadian iPhone will have the Cheapest Data Plan

Eletronista is reporting that Canadian iPhone is set to be launched in June and will have the cheapest data plan offered by any carrier. Rogers, claims that the 3G iPhone will be available the same month it is released in US. In fact, many believe that more than few countries will see simultaneous 3G iPhone launch next month. Read More

May 15, 2008

Apple Files Patent for Personal Media Devices with Wireless Communication

Apple has filed a patent for “personal media devices with wireless communication” with the US patent office. The abstract of the patent application says, “Systems and methods are provided for personal media devices having the ability to communicate wirelessly, and in particular, communicate wirelessly using a short-range communications protocol (e.g., WiFi and Bluetooth). Such communication provides users of personal media devices with access to several WiFi oriented applications. Read More

AMD-ATI to Launch Their Next Generation Radeon 4800 Series in June

TG Daily has posted details about the soon to be released ATI Radeon 4800 graphics card series. First of the new cards will be launched in mid-June followed by series of new cards based on 4800 platform. The 4800 series will be based on the new RV770 chip and will compete with NVIDIA’s GT200 chip. Read More

Ubanana Announces Waterproof uCan MP3 Player for use While Swimming

I like Swimming and I have always wished, that I could listen to music while swimming, like I do while running or doing other exercises. But carrying a waterproof case for iPod and using those ugly looking waterproof headphones would have been difficult while swimming. Read More

Aliph Launches Jawbone 2 the New Bluetooth Headset

Aliph Jawbone is one of the best Bluetooth headsets I have ever used. Aliph today officially launched their new Jawbone 2 headset. The new headset is 50% smaller than the one it is replacing and it weighs only 10 grams. The jawbone two uses a faster processor for better noise cancelling. Read More

May 14, 2008

Intel Germany CEO Says Intel Atom Based Larger iPhone/mini-tablet Coming

ZDNet has posted that Intel Germany’s CEO Hannes Schwaderer confirmed, Apple would use Intel Atom processor in future version of the iPhone. Schwaderer said, “The device is slightly larger than the current version of the iPhone. Read More

Bill Gates Demos TouchWall a New Multi-touch Computer

Bill Gates demos a giant multi-touch surface unit called TouchWall at CEO summit in Redmond. The system is touchscreen setup, which works on a standard version of Vista called Plex. TouchWall is one of the several multitouch display prototypes Microsoft Research has created. Read More

AT&T’s 3G Network will be Five Times Faster at 20Mbps by 2009

Speaking at Morgan Stanley’s annual Communications Conference, AT&T chief Ralph de la Vega said, the company’s HSPA network would be improved from the theoretical peak downloads of 3.6Mbps to 20Mbps in 2009. The improvement would not require major hardware upgrade but will be primarily a software upgrade for the network. Read More

Microsoft wants 40% Share of World Smartphone Market by 2012

A Microsoft executive said on Tuesday that the company is aiming for 40% of the smartphone market with Windows Mobile by year 2012. According to market research firm Canalys, 118 million smartphones were sold last year. Symbian captured 67% market share, Microsoft came in next with 13% market share and RIM took the third place with 10% market share. Read More

India will have the Largest iPhone Rollout in the World

There are around 250 million cellphone subscribers in India and every month more than 6 million new subscribers are added. Making, India the fastest growing cellphone markets. It is estimated that India will have more than 500 million cellphone users in 2010. Definitely, Apple wants to sell iPhone in India as soon as possible and with as many carriers as possible. Read More

RIM to Hold its first Developer Conference; The Company is Working on Full-face Touchscreen Phone

RIM will hold its first developer conference in Santa Clara, California. The two and a half days conference is scheduled for the week of 20th October. According to BGR, RIM is also working on a touchscreen BlackBerry device codenamed BlackBerry Thunder that they will launch in Q3 2008. Read More

May 13, 2008

A Study by AdMob Shows iPhone Still Minority in Mobile Traffic

AdMob a mobile advertising startup has published a report based on ads requests made to its servers in month of April. The company found iPhone accounted for just 1.1% of overall cellphone traffic in US and 0.8% worldwide. Motorola took the top three places for individual handset. RIM was the second company behind Motorola followed by Nokia. Read More

MSI Wind 10” Mini-Notebook to be Launched in US on June 3rd

One of the first Intel Atom based mini-notebook “Wind” will be launched by MSI in US on June 3rd. MSI Wind will come in two screen sizes 8.9” and 10”, but only 10” model will be released in US. There will be two OS based models one with Linux and the other one with Windows XP. Read More

Swisscom Leaks Upcoming iPhone Details

Apple’s iPhone partner for Switzerland, Swisscom has revealed its iPhone plans and also leaked details about the upcoming iPhone. According to the information released by Swisscom the iPhone will be available in three colors silver, black and white.Read More

Apple Adds HBO Shows to iTunes, Adopts Variable Pricing

Apple has added HBO TV shows to iTunes store with variable pricing. The episodes of Rome, The Sopranos and Deadwood are available for $2.99, where as The Wire, Sex and the City and Flight of the Conchords are available for $1.99. Read More

Apple Adds HBO Shows to iTunes, Adopts Variable Pricing

Apple has added HBO TV shows to iTunes store with variable pricing. The episodes of Rome, The Sopranos and Deadwood are available for $2.99, where as The Wire, Sex and the City and Flight of the Conchords are available for $1.99. Read More

Eurocom D901C PHANTOM-X: The Most Powerful Laptop Ever

The European laptop maker Eurocom announced their new laptop that uses Quad Core Xeon processor basically making it a mobile server. The other specifications on the laptop are also very impressive. Read More

May 12, 2008

Microsoft Zune Hits 2 Million Mark, Does it Matter?

Microsoft announced last week that it has sold 2 million Zunes. In the PR releases, Microsoft focused on announcing the one percent increase that was seen in Zune’s market share last quarter (Q1 2008) compared to that of Q1 2007. The reason why Microsoft PR emphasized on their 4% Zune market share and not number of units sold, was because there was a decrease in number of units sold in Q1 2008 compared to Q1 2007. Read More

E ink Launches New Segmented Display Cell Technology based e-paper

E ink announced that it has developed the next generation of e-paper and would start shipping with-in three months. The e-paper displays are used in devices like Sony reader and Amazon Kindle as they can maintain an image using the Vizplex system without using power for up to a year. Read More

PC Tools Says Windows 2000 More Secure than Windows Vista

The security software manufacturer PC Tools claimed that Vista is not as secure as Windows 2000, even though Microsoft claims that Vista is the most secure ever build by the company. According to the statistics received from over 1.4 million computers using ThreatFire, an anti-malware program made by PC Tools Windows Vista is more susceptible to malware than Windows 2000. Read More

Black iPhone on AT&T’s Website

iPhone rumors/news are coming in so fast that it feels like the next generation iPhone will be launched tomorrow. Well I don’t know when Apple will launch the new iPhone, but it looks like it will come with a black back. Read More

Eye-Fi Adds Two New Wireless SD Cards, Eye-Fi Explore and Home

Eye-Fi the maker of the SD cards with integrated WiFi network has announced two new cards the Eye-Fi Explore and the Eye-Fi Home. Eye-Fi has also renamed their Eye-Fi card to Eye-Fi Share. The Explore will be Eye-Fi’s top of the line card that will include geotagging using the Skyhook WiFi based location system, which is also, used in iPod Touch and iPhone. Read More

New 3G and GPS Info in the Latest iPhone SDK Beta; More iPhone Distribution Deals and Release Date

The latest iPhone firmware 2.0 Beta 5 released last week had some hidden new 3G and GPS features. The new firmware has added a preference screen that allows users of the new model to disable the 3G and use EDGE, as using 3G loads data faster, but decreases battery life. The latest firmware also has many GPS references in the code. Read More