September 19, 2009

Review Roundup: Microsoft Zune HD

Microsoft started shipping the new Zune HD on 15th September in US. The Zune HD features 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen (480 x 272), HD Radio, WiFi b/g and HDMI out via optional dock. The player measures 4.01” x 2.07” x 0.35” and weighs 2.6 ounces. Battery life on the player is 33 hours for music and 8.5 hours of video playback. The four main features of Zune HD are Wireless sync, HD video out via optional dock, brilliant OLED screen and web browser. Zune HD is available in 32GB Platinum Silver model for $289.99 and 16GB Onyx Black model for $219.99.
Below we have added links to 10 best Zune HD reviews available online:
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September 18, 2009

FCC Inquiry Turning Into Cat Fight Between Apple and Google

Last month, FCC asked Apple, AT&T and Google several questions regarding rejection of Google Voice applications from Apple’s App Store. AT&T in its replay said the company had no role in any decision by Apple to not accept the Google Voice Application. Apple in its reply said that the company didn’t approve Google Voice App, but they are continuing to study the Google Voice app.
Google submitted a heavily redacted statement in response to FCC’s questions. However, today FCC and Google released unredacted statement:
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September 17, 2009

Power of Grand Central and Open CL in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Hardmac has posted results that illustrate performance improvements in Snow Leopard when an application makes use of Grand Central and Open CL technologies. Christophe Ducommun who is optimizing his applications MovieGate for Snow Leopard has sent results of performance tests done on his Quad Core 2.66GHz Mac Pro to Hardmac. The performance tests compare frame rates and CPU load in Snow Leopard and Leopard for the application.
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ARM Announces 2GHz Dual Core Cortex-A9 Processors

ARM today announced two dual core chips based on Cortex-A9 architecture. The first chip delivers more than 2GHz clock speed while drawing less than 0.25W of power per CPU. The second chip is slower at 800MHz, but consumes half the power at 0.12W for each CPU. These are the first multicore ARM chips coming to the market based on Cortex-A9 architecture, which ARM launched last year.
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September 16, 2009

Google Releases Chrome 3 with Performance Improvements

Google has released Chrome 3 – the third major update of Chrome browser that Google launched just one year back. Google says the new release comes hot on the heels of 51 developer, 21 beta and 15 stable updates and 3,505 bugfixes in the past year.
In Chrome 3, Google didn’t add many new features, but the company focused on speed improvements for the browser as well as a fresh redesign of some of its features. Google says that Javascript performance is 150 percent faster than the very first beta and is 25 percent faster that most recent stable release (Chrome 2). We have added tables above showing Javescript performance.
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iPod touch Speed Test and More Apple Tablet Rumors

Apple released updated iPod touch models last Wednesday and claimed that the new 32GB and 64GB models are 50 percent faster than the previous generation iPod touch. Macworld’s Dan Frakes has posted basic performance tests for boot process, game launches and performance of a few web tasks. Performance tests compared iPod touch 2G with iPod touch 3G (late 2009).
Dan says, “While the results vary from task to task, the new iPod touch – which Apple dubs the “iPod touch (late 2009)” – is noticeably faster across the board. Booting is dramatically faster, as are launching applications and browsing.”
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HP Announces Six New PC Systems for Holiday Season

Microsoft started shipping new Zune HD today, but the day belonged to HP as the company announced four new laptops, two netbooks and one all-in-one desktop. The first two notebooks that HP announced are Envy 13 and 15 that are housed in aluminum and black plastic shells. Design of both the notebooks looks MacBook Pro inspired with aluminum casing and MacBook-like trackpad that HP calls “clickpad”.
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September 15, 2009

Microsoft Ships New Zune HD Touchscreen Media Player

Microsoft has announced the new Zune HD touchscreen media player is available now along with updated Zune PC software. As we already known Zune HD features an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) multitouch screen, an NVIDIA Tegra HD processor and HD Radio capabilities. The HD tag on Zune is slight misleading as the OLED screen is not HD capable and you need a separate Zune HD AV dock to actually play 720p video on HDTV. However, the OLED screen on Zune is simply brilliant with great color reproduction and excellent video playback.
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Video Quality Comparison: iPod nano Vs Flip Ultra Camcorder

NewTeeVee has posted a side-by-side comparison of video quality of new iPod nano and Flip Ultra Camcorder. The video comparison covers shooting indoor and outdoor. According to the website, overall, the Flip offered a much better picture indoor and out, providing way more detail in the image and the Flip microphone was also a little better. However, from the video we can see that iPod nano is also not that bad.
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September 14, 2009

LG Officially Announces First Android Based Handset GW620

LG today officially joined the Android moment by announcing GW620 handset. The new handset features a 3-inch touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Like all other Android handsets, GW620 will incorporate mobile applications and services developed by Google. LG says that GW620 will support social networking functions right out-of-the-box and will have a user-friendly interface.
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