March 28, 2009

Intel Details Larrabee Graphics Chip at GDC

Intel’s Tom Forsyth, a software and hardware architect working on the upcoming Larrabee Graphics Chip, discussed the design details and inner working of Larrabee at GDC. Intel has been working on Larrabee chips for past few years and expects to announce a working chip by end of 2009. Intel is also consulting various developers on design of the Larrabee chip. Read More

Review Roundup: Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon released their new Kindle 2 e-book reader last month. The Kindle 2 is thinner with longer battery life, faster page turns, over seven times more storage, shaper images and a new read-to-me feature. The Kindle 2 is just 0.36-inch thick and weighs 10 ounces. The updated 6-inch electronic paper display now has 600 x 800 resolution and 16 shades of gray versus 4 shades in original kindle. We have added links to eight best reviews of Amazon Kindle 2 below:
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Apple’s iMovie 8.0.1 Update Adds New Features

Earlier this week, Apple released iMovie 8.0.1 update with release note that said, “Improves overall application stability as well as addressing minor issues related to usability.” But Jeff Carlson of TidBits has found that the update bring more than just bug fixes. He has discovered four new features/improvements that Apple has added to iMovie 8.0.1 update. The new features added to iMovie are: Read More

March 27, 2009

Safari to get Performance Boost in iPhone OS 3.0

Ars Technica has posted results of JavaScript performance test done on Safari web browser in iPhone OS 3.0 beta, which was released to developers for testing earlier this month. Ars has posted two sets of JavaScript benchmarks and in both the tests Safari on iPhone OS 3.0 outperformed previous version by more than 300 percent. Read More

Tesla Unveils Its First Four Door Sedan Model S

We normally don’t cover cars on our blog, but this one is special, it is the first four-door sedan from Tesla – the company pioneering all electric vehicles. Tesla had announced last year that they would launch a relatively affordable all electric car in 2009. They kept their promise and officially unveiled Model S sedan for just under $50,000 - $49,900 after $7,500 tax break. Read More

MIT says 1,000GHz Chip Possible with Graphene

MIT researchers claim that a new material called graphene that was discovered in 2004 could be used to develop computer chips with clock speed as high as 1,000GHz. Graphene is a type of pure carbon that’s only one-atom thick and has been already used by engineers to make prototype transistors and other simple devices. MIT researchers have taken one step further in their latest effort and developed a prototype frequency multiplier that can take the clock speed of a computer chip and produce an output signal that is a multiple of that frequency. Read More

March 26, 2009

Apple Files Car Navigation System Related Patent Application

Apple has submitted an 11-page patent application detailing a safe touchscreen navigation system. Apple says that use of present navigation systems can force drivers to take their eyes off the road, resulting in a potentially hazardous condition. Apple further adds that most navigation systems don’t do much to stop this risky behavior of using navigation while driving. Read More

Windows Mobile 7 User Interface Images Leaked

Two images of Windows Mobile 7 user interface have been leaked. The first image shows the home screen of the OS and the second image shows Maps application for Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft has previously said that they are developing Windows Mobile 7 and it should come to the market sometime in 2010. Microsoft hasn’t released any other information the OS yet. Read More

March 25, 2009

China Unicom Reveals Information About Next Gen iPhone

China Unicom today confirmed that it would start selling Apple’s iPhone in China on May 17th. China Unicom is the second largest cellphone carrier in China with about 150 million subscribers. The company will also be rolling out its new 3G network on the same day in 55 Chinese cities to support iPhone 3G. Unicom started advertising the iPhone on its website yesterday and some of the features mention on the website are not available in present generation iPhone. Read More

Mac OS X Snow Leopard to See Major UI Overhaul

AppleInsider is reporting that the pre-release build of Mac OS X Snow Leopard given to the developers has been stripped of several features including a major UI overhaul. According to their sources next developer build of the software will see some major changes to the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6, include a striking overhaul to Mac OS X user interface. The platinum theme of the UI will be replaced by a new interface codenamed “marble”. Read More

Intel Develops Multi-Gigabit Wireless Technology

WiFi has been the backbone of home networking revolution, but even the latest 802.11n standard can’t reach 100Mbps speed in real life tests. With increase in number of devices using WiFi standard to transfer data (HD video, music, photos) in a household, 802.11n will very soon reach its limits in most household. However, Intel has come to the rescue, as its researchers have developed a new digital conversion technique, which will allow development of cheaper and smaller radios that are capable of transferring multi-gigabits of data per second. Read More

Canon Unveils Rebel T1i Digital SLR with 1080p Video Recording Capability

Canon today announced the new Digital Rebel T1i (aka EOS 500D) compact DSLR camera. The most important feature added to the new Rebel camera is Full HD 1080p video recording at 20fps or 720p at 30fps. The camera features a 15.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor that offers high ISO sensitivity up to 3200, which is expandable to 12800 for shooting in near dark conditions. The DIGIC 4 image processor on Rebel T1i gives it continuous shooting speeds of up to 3.4 fps in bursts of up to 170 JPEG images. Read More

Dell Developing Multiple Smartphone Models

Dell’s CEO Michael Dell said in Taipei that the company is developing new smartphone lineup and is on schedule to release devices in line with its internal roadmap. It was believed that Dell was working on more than one smartphone models and the statement by Michael confirms it. Michael Dell didn’t provide any information about the devices or when devices are scheduled for release. Read More

March 23, 2009

Samsung Introduces N310 Premium Netbook

After introducing cheap netbooks, companies like Asus, Acer and now Samsung are adding premium netbooks to their lineup to increase profit margins. Samsung today added N310 a premium notebook that weigh 2.71 pounds and features a 10.1-inch LCD screen. Read More

ARM Promises Xbox Like Game Play on Cellphones

Remi Pedersen, graphics product manager at ARM said today that the company has developed higher-end Mali-200 and Mali-400 processors. ARM claims that the new processors will have graphics capabilities comparable to Xbox 360. The Mali graphics processor lineup will have 4x Anti-Aliasing and it would be able to push up to 16x without much decrease in battery life. Read More