July 5, 2008

O2 Says Enterprise Beta Testers Extremely Happy with the New iPhone 3G

O2 the exclusive iPhone carrier in UK revealed its business tariffs for the iPhone and said that the company was very happy with the positive results from the corporate users during beta testing of the new product. O2 UK’s head of business sales, Ben Dowd, told Silicon.com the company has undertaken beta testing of the 3G device with 15 corporate customers – including Citigroup, Logica and McDonald’s. Read More

Apple Doubles Their NAND Flash Order for July

Samsung Electronics informed its customers that it would start reducing NAND Flash memory supply as Apple has placed a large batch of orders. A source told DigiTimes that Samsung recently informed them it has secured orders for 50 million 8Gb NAND flash chips by Apple for July mainly for use in Apple’s iPhone. Apple had ordered 25 million 8Gb NAND flash chips from Samsung for month of June. Read More

July 4, 2008

iPhone 3G Lineup Already Started at 5th Avenue New York City Apple Store

Although, almost a week is left before the iPhone will be available, a line of around 10 people has started forming near the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City. The Apple store security and employees have confirmed that the line was for the iPhone 3G. Chairs and other apparel make it clear the early visitors are there for the seven-day wait. I won’t mind standing in line for few hours for the new iPhone 3G, but 7 days is just too much for me.

Apple sets July 7th as Application Submission Deadline for iPhone App Store

Apple has emailed the iPhone developers letting them know the last date for submission of their application to the App Store for inclusion on the App Store launch day. The email states:
“Have you application be among the first available when the App Store goes live. To ensure your application can be considered for exciting launch of the App Store, submit your application by 12 PM PDT, on July 7, 2008. We will continue to accept applications after this time, however your application may not be available until after launch of the App Store.”
It look like Apple will launch the App Store the same day it ships the iPhone 3G on July 11, 2008.

Nano Technology to Beef Up Data Storage

For past decade there has been lot of talk about the improvements that Nano technology can bring in future. One of the fields that can benefit a lot from Nano tech is a computer. Researchers have already show that Nano tech can improve memory reliability, speed and decrease the over all size of the system. According to the latest research done by scientist at University of Pennsylvania nanowire based information storage device can improve the storage capacity while decreasing the size of the device. Read More

July 3, 2008

iShare Smartphone Survey: ‘iPhone’ Generates Most Interest in Japan

iShare announced the result of their latest smartphone survey in Japan. When the company asked which upcoming smartphone the users were interested in, 57.9% respondents named iPhone. Willcom’s D4 came in second with 35.8% votes, followed by Willcom 03 with 33.1% vote. BlackBerry came in sixth with just 8.8% respondents showing interest in the upcoming RIM device. Read More

Apple Files for More Than 30 Multitouch Patents

The US Patent Office today published around 34 patent applications filed by Apple. All the patents revealed are related to multitouch technology and touchscreen hardware. The patent applications cover hardware necessary for multitouch touchscreen, designs to make devices more visually appealing, techniques to distinguishing whether flesh or other forms of inputs like fingernail or stylus are touching a screen and a unique capacitive touch sensor design by Apple. Read More

India Reveals Its Action Plan for Climate Change

Most of the countries around the world are now taking climate change seriously. India today released its first action plan for climate change before the G8 meeting in Japan where climate change will be the main topic of discussion. Even though India is the second largest country by population in the world, it contributes less than 5 percent of world’s carbon emission. China in comparison produces 17 percent. But both India and China emit far less carbon dioxide compared to US. Read More

iCall: A VoIP Application for iPhone

iCall is the first VoIP application that will be released when iPhone software 2.0 is released later this month. The application lets users switch between VoIP and normal GSM calls anywhere in North America effectively using the WiFi at places like Starbucks to make call. Read More & Video

July 2, 2008

RBC Analyst: ‘Unprecedented Pent-Up Demand for iPhone 3G

RBC analyst Mike Abramsky said in his research note that consumers are showing unprecedented demand for Apple’s 3G iPhone, according to new data from RBC’s Technology Adoption Panel. Based on the data 56% of consumers planning to buy a new smartphone in next 90 days will go for iPhone, up from 36% in March. Around 25% of people who may buy a smartphone sometime in future will go for iPhone. Read More

July 1, 2008

Apple Won’t Use Intel’s Processor in Future iPhone

Brain Caulfield of Forbes reported today that one of the Intel’s top executive revealed that Apple is not going to use Intel’s chip in the iPhone anytime soon. ?"'Apple chose not to take that road map at their next generation of platform,' said Patrick Gelsinger, general manager of Intel's digital enterprise group. 'That was disappointing,' Read More

Apple’s Mac OS X and Safari Web Browser Market Share Continues to Rise

Net Applications’ Operating System stats for June 2008 shows that both Mac OS X and Safari web browser hit a new all time high market share in June. Mac OS X now has 7.94% market share for operating systems visiting Net Applications’ network of 40,000 websites worldwide. Apple’s Safari had 6.31% share. Read More