April 28, 2011

iPad 2 Review for Business/Corporate Users

Over 70 percent of Forbes 500 companies have started using iPads in their day-to-day business and yet most of the iPad 2 reviews focused only on the consumer side. Some reviews had a passing mention of business users, but no information about why business or professional users might select the new iPad over its rivals.
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Android Malware Infestation Growing Explosively

Android nowadays is on everyone’s radar for both good and bad reasons. Not only is the Android platform growing rapidly, but also malware on the platform is growing explosively. Just few weeks back, Google removed 45 applications from their Android Market because these applications had malware sending personal data from user devices. And now Nikolay Grebennikov, chief technology officer for Kaspersky Lab, a security firm says that their company has identified 70 different types of malware in March aimed at Android, up from just two in September last year.
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April 27, 2011

Steve Jobs Talks Privacy and Location Data

After releasing an official statement today morning, Apple executives including CEO Steve Jobs talked about iPhone location database and user data privacy in a telephone interview with Mobilized. One message that they clearly put forward was “we haven’t been tracking anyone”. Some of the interesting Q&As from the interview are as follow:
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Apple’s Official Response to Location Data Issue

Apple has posted Q&A on location date. In the Q&A Apple responds to the questions they have received about the gathering and use of location information by iOS devices.
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D Conference Interview of Apple CEO and Google SVP Shows Difference in Approach When It Comes to Privacy

There has been lot of talk going about privacy since the plain text location data file was discovered on iOS. Both Apple and Google have confirmed that they record locations data on device. But while Apple says that the data is never transferred to the mother ship and it always remains on the device or in the backup made by the user, Google hasn’t commented on the topic.
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April 26, 2011

Sony Joins the Tablet Race with S1 and S2 Android 3.0 Based Tablets

Sony announced their new “Sony Tablet” brand that will initially bring two new tablets, including tablets codenamed S1, which is optimized for rich media consumption and S2, which is designed for mobile communications and entertainment. The new tablets are based on Android 3.0 and will come with WiFi and WAN (3G/4G) for wireless connectivity.
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Video Comparing iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Last year, when RIM started demoing BlackBerry PlayBook they posted videos comparing performance of the PlayBook prototype and last year’s iPad model. The videos showed the advantage dual core processor on PlayBook would offer when compared to original iPad’s single core processor. However, in March Apple released the new iPad 2 with dual core processor and just few days back RIM finally shipped the BlackBerry PlayBook.
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April 25, 2011

iMac Update Imminent, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro Complete Redesign

Rumor mill is running in full force when it comes to iMac rumors. Various blogs are reporting that iMac update is nearing and we should see the new iMacs within a week. 9to5mac reported that iMac supplies are constrained and Apple delayed new orders till May 2nd. The website also reported that Apple has stopped shipping iMacs to retailers for past few days. MacRumors also concurs with iMac update plans for next week. They reported that Apple would be changing the promotional materials in its retail stores for a launch on May 3rd.
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