June 7, 2008

Photos of Unboxed 3G iPhone?

Rumors about the upcoming 3G iPhone are flying high for past few days. Yesterday, Engadget posted the complete hardware specifications of the 3G iPhone and today fake images of black and red iPhone were also posted by many blogs. But web-mobile.net has topped it all off by posting images. Read More

Complete Hardware Details of the 3G iPhone Leaked

Apple will announce the 3G iPhone on 9th, but Engadget is reporting that according to a reliable source, 3G iPhone’s firmware has been released and has been dissected. The phone has quad-band GSM, A-GPS and tri-band, Read More

June 6, 2008

NVIDIA Wants to Help Rivals Beat iPhone

According to NVIDIA most companies don’t have their own chip designers and cannot design a phone with same interface design and capabilities as the iPhone. Huang says that the new Tegra platform from NVIDIA can help those companies. Read More

June 5, 2008

Will The New iPhone Come in Two Sizes?

iLounge has posted diagrams of a touchscreen display that a Taiwanese company claims is being used in an upcoming iPhone. The diagram shows two touchscreens, one is 2.8” and the other is 3.2” touchscreen, making both the screen smaller then present 3.5” screen. Read More

June 2, 2008

Next Generation 3G iPhone Just 9mm Thick, Better Battery Life

Leander Kahney of Wired has posted that the upcoming 3G iPhone will be 22 percent thinner and will have better battery life with up to 8 hours of talk time. The 22 percent decrease in thickness will make the phone mere 9mm thick. Making it the thinnest smartphone available. Read More