June 20, 2008

New Mac OS X Trojan Horse in Wild

A Mac anti-spyware and anti-virus maker Secure Mac is reporting that a new Trojan Horse designed to allow a malicious user complete remote access to a Mac OS X system has been discovered in the wild. The Trojan Horse dubbed ‘Applescript.THT Trojan’ disguises as an application bundle called ‘ASth_v06’ of size 3.1MB. The malware originated via a hacker website and is disturbed through the website, Limewire and iChat. Read More

Dell Studio Hybrid Mini PC Revealed

Engadget posted photos of Dell new mini PC called Studio Hybrid today. The mini PC looks very similar to bamboo encased mini PC show by Dell in April. In place of bamboo, Dell uses an orange Plexiglas shell for casing. Read More

June 19, 2008

Intel to Integrate DRAM into The CPU for Terascale Computing

Till now Intel has increased performance of the computer by increasing number of cores, Cache size and clock speed. But now the company plans to integrate DRAM into the CPU, which could potentially increase performance by 10X. A small research team at Intel has succeeded in reducing the size of DRAM cells to just two transistors and completely removing the capacitors. Intel said that it was able to design DRAM with 2GHz speed that offered 128 GB/s bandwidth. Read More

Commercial Times: iPhone 3G Component Suppliers will see Substantial Increase in Revenue

According to a report by Commercial Times newspaper, Taiwanese component suppliers for the iPhone 3G will see their revenues strengthen substantially starting the third quarter of this year. The paper quoted sources at component suppliers saying that, as the new iPhone 3G will be available simultaneously in 22 countries on July 11, they expect shipment of iPhone 3G to top 10 million units for third quarter alone. Read More

June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Download Crosses 8 Million Mark in First 24 Hours

Mozilla was trying to set a world record for maximum number of downloads in 24 hours for its new Firefox 3 browser. More than 8 million copies of Firefox 3 were downloaded in first 24 hours and Mozilla is waiting for the Guinness Book of World Records to review the result before announcing the world record. Read More

Survey: Only 9 Percent Japanese want iPhone 3G

According to a study done by iSHARE, 91 percent of Japanese adults say they have no plans to buy the iPhone 3G when it is launched on July 11th. Remaining 9 percent plan to buy the device as soon as it is available. Almost half of these are users already signed up for SoftBank the carrier picked for the initial Japanese iPhone launch. Read More

Verizon Upgrades its FIOS Network to 50 Mbps Speeds

Version today announced that it would upgrade its FIOS service nationwide. This update will give same speeds that were previously reserved only for the most competitive areas. The upgrade will bring 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds to its customers in 16 states where FIOS is available. Read More

Skype Plans to Release Skype 4.0 Beta with Redesigned Interface

Skype will release the first beta built of Skype 4.0, this Wednesday, for Windows. According to Skype, pervious versions of software were focused on voice chat and VoIP, the latest update will focus more on Video chats. The Skype 4.0 beta will have many visual and organizational changes; basically the company has redesigned the complete user interface. Read More