December 29, 2008

iMac Rumors: New Cooling Module and Magnesium-Aluminum Chassis

MacWorld Expo is just a week away and rumors about new Apple products are flying high. Today, a Chinese language newspaper, Economic Daily, claimed that Foxconn has secured a contract with Apple to manufacture the upcoming iMac all-in-one desktops. The Economic Daily says that Foxconn Group’s Foxconn Precision Components and Catcher Technology will produce the new “magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis” for the upcoming iMac. Read More

December 28, 2008

Review Roundup: MacBook Pro (Unibody)

Apple launched their new MacBook Pro in October 2008 and while Apple updated the CPU, RAM and GPU, their main focus was on the new unibody design. In fact, Apple has posted a video describing the complete manufacturing process. If you look at the design of the new MacBook Pro, it is just stunning. The new unibody design has put Apple in a league of its own. There is not a single laptop maker who can even come close to the design of the new Macbook Pro. Below are the seven best online reviews available for the new MacBook Pro: Read More

December 26, 2008

Apple, Amazon and Nintendo have a Blockbuster Holiday Season

Economy is going down daily and most companies are suffering because of that. But Apple, Amazon and Nintendo just had the best holiday season ever in their companies’ history. Amazon today reported that 2008 holiday season was the ‘best ever’ with more than 6.3 million items ordered and 5.6 million units shipped during its peak day on December 15th. Amazon further added, “Based on the number of items ordered, Nintendo Wii, Samsung 52-inch LCD HDTV, Apple iPod touch and the Blokus board game were the bestsellers. Read More

Intel will not Block NVIDIA’s Ion Platform for Atom Processors

Few days back, it was reported that Intel has no plans to validate or form partnership with NVIDIA to support Ion platform. That has changed today, an Intel’s spokesman has denied the statement. Intel’s Bill Calder told InternetNews that nothing is stopping netbook makers from shipping Atom based products using NVIDIA’s Ion platform. He said, “We sell Atom as a stand-alone processor or as package with chipset”. Read More

Nokia China Publishes Unannounced 6208c Touchscreen Handset

Nokia’s Chinese website has published details about the unannounced touchscreen 6208c candybar handset. The 6208c will have a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, 3.5mm audio out port, microSD card slot, Bluetooth and tri-band GSM. Battery life on the phone will be 3.5 hours talk time and 12.5 days of standby time. Read More

Apple Files Patent Application for Multitouch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard

Apple has been working very hard to improve multitouch user experience and hence it’s filing series of patents related to the technology. The latest patent application filed by Apple is called “Swipe Gestures for Touch Screen Keyboard”. In the application Apple showcases various ways swipe gestures can be used to make iPhone’s on screen keyboard faster and easier to use. Read More

December 25, 2008

Dell to Use 3.5mm Ultra-Thin LCD Panel for Adamo Notebooks

DigiTimes is reporting that Dell will use 3.5mm ultra-thin panels made by LG Display and Samsung Electronics for its upcoming Adamo notebooks. The LCD panels will have 16:10 aspect ratio and will be costlier than average thin LCD displays available. The New York Times has reported yesterday that Dell’s Adamo will be an ultra-thin notebook series rivaling the MacBook Air from Apple. Read More

December 24, 2008

Intel doesn’t want NVIDIA Inside Netbooks

Last week, NVIDIA announced their new 9400M based Ion platform for netbooks. The Ion platform combined GeForce 9400M graphics card with Intel Atom processor on a Pico-ITX mainboard. The only problem with the Ion platform was that Intel only sells Atom CPUs as a bundle with corresponding chipsets. And Intel has said that it has no plans to validate or form partnership with NVIDIA to support Ion platform. So, why is Intel against NVIDIA’s Ion platform? Read More

December 23, 2008

Next Gen iMac Coming in January

A Chinese newspaper Economic Daily is reporting that their sources in Apple’s supply chain have informed them about Apple’s plan to launch a new iMac in first quarter of 2009. Quanta Computer will make the new all-in-one desktop and the company is preparing to ship around 800,000 units for Q1 2009. According to the newspaper, Apple will announce the product in January 2009. Read More

HP Firebird 803 Gaming Desktop Leaked

Images and Specifications of new HP Firebird PC 803 have been leaked on Internet. The impressive new desktop looks inspired by gaming console design as it has a vertical slot loading disc drive, external power supply and very little configurability or expansion available. The leaked specifications are impressive for a small gaming desktop. Read More

Palm’s CEO Confirms Nova in Beta Testing Phase

Ed Colligan, Palm’s CEO revealed that both wireless carriers and software developers have started testing devices based on its upcoming Nova smartphone OS. Colligan said that both the carriers and software developers have been extremely pleased by the new OS. The company brought some existing software developers on-board with Nova development to ensure third party software support when the Nova platform is launched. Read More

December 22, 2008

Best Headset / Earphones for iPhone

The earphones that come with the iPhone are not bad, but if you love your music, you will have to invest in a better quality earphone / headset. We have compiled a list of best sounding earphones in various price ranges for the iPhone. Read More

Garmin Planning Android Phone for Second Half of 2009; Motorola Abandons Symbian for Android

Garmin has yet not released the nuvifone that they announced in 2007, but the company is planning a follow-up device based on Google’s open source Android platform. Tony An, Garmin’s Asia Pacific marketing director has said that the nuvifone will be launched for Taiwan market in Q2 2009, with Android based device coming later in 2009. In other Android news, Motorola would cease almost all production in 2009 (for Symbian devices), so as to prepare a full new range of Android-based handsets. Read More

LED The Future of Lighting Technology

Two professors E. Fred Schubert and Jong Kyu Kim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have published a paper about the revolution LED will bring to lighting technology. According to the paper, a new generation of lighting devices based on LED (light-emitting diodes) will replace bulb in coming years. This change in lighting technology will result in following benefits over a period of 10 years. Read More

December 20, 2008

Rumor: Details of Google Android Based T-Mobile G2 Leaked

BGR has revealed a tip about next Android based T-Mobile G2 handset, which will be manufactured by HTC. The handset will have full touchscreen (without QWERTY keyboard), trackball for navigation, 5-megapixel camera, VGA front camera, 3G, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth and memory card slot. On the software side it will include media player, full web browser, email, MMS, video messaging, voice dialing and myFaves capability. Read More

What are Apple’s Future Mobile Plans?

In April Apple bought P.A. Semi a chipmaker known for designing power efficient chips. And yesterday, Imagination Technologies announced that Apple has subscribed to 8 million new shares of IMG, giving Apple 3 percent stake in the company. Imagination is the company behind PowerVR mobile graphics technology used in the iPhone. Imagination has also revealed that Apple has signed a multi-year, multi-use licensing agreement with the company for its next generation PowerVR SGX/VXD graphics technology and video IP cores. Now the big question is why Apple is investing in various cellphone component makers. Read More

December 19, 2008

Toshiba Reveals 512GB 2.5-inch Solid State Drives

Toshiba announced on Wednesday that they would ship the first ever 512GB 2.5-inch solid state flash drive in first half of 2009. Toshiba was able to achieve higher storage by using their new 43nm manufacturing process based MLC NAND flash chips. The 43nm process brings higher capacity along with faster read / write speeds. Read More

December 18, 2008

NVIDIA Demos 9400M Based Ion Platform for Netbooks

Intel Atom based netbooks are known for their portability and power efficiency, but these netbooks are not known for their graphics capabilities. Most of the netbooks won’t even play a 720p video properly let alone a 3D game. Well, NVIDIA has jumped in to improve the graphics performance of these netbooks. The company has revealed their new Ion platform that combines GeForce 9400M graphics with Intel Atom processor on a Pico-ITX mainboard. Read More

December 16, 2008

Apple – Its Time to Spruce up The Camera on Next Gen iPhone

In past few months, we have seen that iPhone has become the most popular camera phone on Flickr and according to the latest statistics from the website, it is among the top five most popular cameras in the Flickr community. The two main reasons why iPhone is so popular on Flickr are its easy of use and always connected 3G network, even though it has a low-end (2 megapixel – really?) camera. Read More

Apple Announces Its Last Year at Macworld

Apple today announced that this year is the last year the company will exhibit at Macworld Expo. Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, will deliver the opening keynote for this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo, and it will be Apple’s last keynote at the show. The keynote address will be held at Moscone West on Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. Macworld will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center January 5-9, 2009. Read More

Analyst: Apple will Unveil Netbooks at Macworld Expo in January

Analyst Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc., is saying that Apple will introduce two netbooks at Macworld Expo next month. Ezra adds that he has no inside information, but he is speculating based on evidence of gloomy economy, climbing sales of netbooks and comments from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. Ezra believes that Apple will apply the closed system approach it adopted for the iPhone to the netbooks also. Read More

Rumor: Apple to Announce New Mac mini at Macworld 2009

Wired is reporting that an Apple corporate employee contacted them with information about Apple’s plan to upgrade its Mac mini desktop lineup. The source didn’t disclose any details about the upcoming Mac mini specifications, but said that Mac mini update is coming at Macworld Expo in January. Read More

December 15, 2008

Apple Selling Unlocked iPhone 3G in Taiwan and Posts List of Carriers with Authorized Unlocked iPhone

Taiwanese mobile carrier Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and Apple are selling iPhone 3G’s without any restrictions of using SIM cards from CHT only, leaving owners the option to switch service providers or use SIM cards from local providers while traveling. Initially, representatives from CHT said that iPhone will only work on their network, but customers are discovering that SIM cards from other providers are also working on the iPhone. Read More

Rumors: Apple to Introduce iPhone Nano at Macworld 2009

Macworld is coming close and the rumor mill has started churning. iDealsChina claims that Apple will announce an “iPhone nano” at MacWorld 2009 and has published information and rendering of the device. According to the website, the iPhone nano will have the same height as the just released iPod nano but it will be wider and thicker, with the same iPhone 3G contours. Apple will definitely release a new smaller iPhone that won’t be a smartphone, but it will be a smart-enough phone. Read More

December 14, 2008

Sony Plans to Announce iPod touch Competitor at CES 2009

iPod touch has ruled the touchscreen MP3 player market with only iRiver offering some competition. But like the big brother iPhone in the smartphone market, iPod touch has not yet faced any real competition. Sony wants to change that and according to SonyInsider, Sony will be unveiling a brand new full touchscreen Walkman portable media player at CES 2009 next month. Read More

December 12, 2008

Palm Could Preview New OS and Phone At CES 2009

Palm has been working on a new Linux based smartphones OS for more than two years. And, Palm needs the new OS now more than ever, as phones based on its own OS are looking outdated and Windows Mobile OS is not helping anyone in mobile phone industry. Palm has announced an event at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where many believe that it will showcase the new Nova operating system for smartphones and a new smartphone along with it. Read More

December 11, 2008

Netbook Sales Overtakes iPhone Seriously…

Numerous blogs have posted a report stating that netbook sales have overtaken iPhone. Now the thing that I don’t understand is how can anyone compare a single product sales to sales of whole product category. The data in the articles points to 5.6 million sales for netbooks compared to 4.7 million for iPhone in Q3 2008. To compare sales of products across two different categories they could have just compared sales of Acer Aspire One Netbook with iPhone sales, which was around one third of iPhone sales. Read More

Apple Working on Multi-Dimensional Mac OS X Interface

Many believe that after multitouch user interface, multi-dimensional (3D) user interface is the next frontier for personal computer space. Many companies have talked about 3D user interface for computers and Apple doesn’t wants to be left behind. According to the recent patent applications filed by Apple, the company is working on “Multidimensional” user interface and true 3D desktop environments. Read More

December 10, 2008

No ZunePhone At CES in January

There have been various rumors going around about Microsoft’s plan to launch a Zune based mobile phone at CES in January. But Ina Fried is reporting that a source close to Microsoft’s plan has informed her not to expect a Zunephone at CES. There will be a bunch of stuff that Ballmer will show at CES keynote and instead of ZunePhone, Windows 7 will be hog the limelight. Read More

Intel Says Development of 32nm Manufacturing Process Complete

Following its own “tick-tock” strategy Intel announced today that they have completed development of next generation 32nm manufacturing process. The 32nm process will use transistors based on Intel’s second generation high-k metal gate technology that will switch 22 percent faster than current 45-nm Penryn chips. Read More

HP Plans to Offer Environment Friendly Sonata Lithium-ion Batteries with Laptops

HP has announced that starting early next year it will offer Boston Power’s Sonata lithium-ion batteries that will last longer and be more environment friendly. The new batteries will be available as an option for around $20 or $30 more. HP and Boston Power have been testing, the new Sonata batteries that are designed specifically for laptops, for over three years. Boston Power claims that the new batteries will be able to keep 80 percent of their initial charging capacity after three years of use. Read More

December 9, 2008

Sony Ericsson and 14 Others Join Google Android’s Open Handset Alliance

The Open Handset Alliance that monitor development of Google Android platform has added 14 more members. The new members are AKM Semiconductor, ARM, ASUSTek, Atheros Communications, Borqs, Ericsson, Garmin, Huawei Technologies, Omron Software, Softbank Mobile Corporation, Sony Ericsson, Teleca AB, Toshiba and Vodafone. The interest in the Android platform has increased, as there are no other decent smartphone OS alternatives to fight against the growing popularity of iPhone. Read More

Acer One Overtakes Asus Eee PC As Top Selling Netbook

Asus has been the torchbearer in the netbook market and both Asus and Acer have claimed that they want to grab more than 30 percent of the netbook market as well as the number one position in 2009. But the numbers for Acer’s third quarter shows that Acer has overtaken Asus by a wide margin. Acer sold 2.15 million Aspire One netbooks for 38.3 percent market share whereas Asus sold 1.7 million Eee PC netbooks for 30.3 percent market share. Read More

LG Develops LTE Based 4G Mobile Phone Chip

Though 3G networks are just becoming prevalent in US, but everyone is already talking about 4G cellular networks. LG today announced that it has developed world’s first 4G mobile chip based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. The new chip is small enough at 0.51-inch (13mm) square to fit in slim cellphones like iPhone and power enough to reach peak speeds of LTE networks. LTE based networks will offer peak download speed of 100Mbps and peak upload speed of 50Mbps. Read More

HP Demos Flexible and Unbreakable Plastic Display

HP along with Arizona State University’s Flexible Display Center (FDC) have demoed the first prototype of affordable, flexible and unbreakable electronic display. The new displays were created using technologies from HP, FDC, DuPont Teijin Films and E Ink. The display is made using Teonex Polyethylene Naphthalate as the base plastic on which stacks of semiconductor materials and metals are imprinted using self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL). Read More

December 8, 2008

Intel Develops Fastest Optical Chip Using Silicon

Intel has talked about bandwidth requirement in massive multi-core processors and how bandwidth can be the biggest bottleneck in development of processor with hundreds of cores. Intel has been working on various solutions for the above problem and one of them was silicon photonics. But, till now, silicon photonics with complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS) have suffered from performance shortcomings. Read More

Is Greenpeace Just Targeting Apple for Publicity

Arik Hesseldahl of Business Week has posted a very compelling argument about Greenpeace’s ever changing rules when it comes to all things Apple. He compares the ranking Greenpeace give to HP and Dell with Apple. He points out that even though Dell backed away from its commitment to eliminate the harmful chemicals BFRs and PVC from its product lineup by 2009 their score dipped only slightly. But, on the other hand, Apple scored a zero in principle of environmental policy just because they didn’t use the right word “the precautionary principle” in its environmental statements. Read More

December 5, 2008

Next Generation Nokia Touchscreen Phone Revealed

Nokia is showing advertisement for their upcoming touchscreen phone at Capital Markets Day in Brooklyn. The photo of the new handset shows a phone with touchscreen covering the entire front with no hard buttons. In the promotional material Nokia claims “best in class touch solution enables large volume and growth,” and “Direct UI simplifies interaction with standard strokes and gestures”. Read More

Telstra Launches World's First 21Mbps 3G Network in Australia

Telstra one of the biggest wireless carrier in Australia today launched world’s first HSPA+ network. The company had announced in October that they would start implementing HSPA+ also known as HSPA Evolution network by end of 2008. The new network is three times faster than present 3G network and will boost speeds up to 21Mbps. Telstra is the first carrier in the world to use the updated HSPA+ technology. Read More

December 4, 2008

Walmart to Sell 4GB iPhone 3G for $99?

It has been known that Walmart will start selling iPhone by end of December and the latest rumors for BGR says that Walmart will have a special 4GB iPhone 3G for $99. BGR mentions that the source of the information is not the most trusted tipster, but there is likelihood that the rumor might come true. The Walmart iPhone will be identical to present iPhone models and will require two-year contract with AT&T. Read More

December 2, 2008

Nokia Reveals N97 Touchscreen Smartphone

Nokia today revealed their flagship touchscreen smartphone the N97 in Barcelona. The new S60 5th Edition based N97 features a slide out QWERTY keyboard along with 3.5-inch haptic feedback touchscreen. Specification-wise the N97 is impressive and it features quad-band GSM (800/900/1800/1900MHz), tri-band UMTS (900/1900/2100MHz), 640x360 resolution screen, 5-megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, impressive 32GB of onboard memory and microSD card slot. Read More

Apple’s Mac OS X and Safari Reaches New All Time High Market Share

Net Applications’ latest data shows that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system and Safari web browser reached a new all time high market shares. According to Net Applications, Safari was placed third with 7.13 percent market share behind Internet Explorer with 69.77 percent and Firefox with 20.78 percent. This was the first time that IE went below 70 percent market share and Firefox went above 20 percent market share. Read More

December 1, 2008

Nikon Officially Announces D3X Digital SLR

After numerous rumors, Nikon has officially announced the flagship D3X digital SLR with 24.5-megapixel CMOS FX format sensor. The new camera is Nikon’s highest resolution camera and will compete directly with Canon’s EOS-1Ds Mark III. In continuous shooting mode the camera can shoot 5 fps at full resolution and 7 fps at 10-megapixel resolution. The D3X features 3-inch LCD screen with Live View, 51-point autofocus, dual-UDMA CF slot, 16bits EXPEED image processor and sealed body. Read More

November 28, 2008

Digital Camera Deals for Black Friday and Christmas Holidays 2008

We have made a list of digital camera deals offered by Best Buy, Circuit City and others on Black Friday and we have also compared the sale price of those cameras to the price offered for the same camera on Amazon. Read more

Black Friday is known for sale on electronics and many brick and mortar stores are offering digital SLR on sale, but you can get the same cameras for

Black Friday is known for sale on electronics and many brick and mortar stores are offering digital SLR on sale, but you can get the same cameras for less online. Below is the list of all the digital SLRs that are on sale in various stores. We have also added prices for the same cameras offered by online like store like Amazon. Read More

November 27, 2008

Laptop Deals For Black Friday and Christmas Holidays in 2008

Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping days of the year and many online and brick and mortar stores offer great deals on electronics. Below is the list of all the laptop deals offered by various stores and where can you find a better deal. Read More

November 25, 2008

Verizon Releases Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 Touchscreen Handset for $249.99

We have seen the GSM version of Samsung Omnia i910 before, but Verizon today announced that it would release the CDMA version of the Omnia SCH-i910. This Windows Mobile 6.1 based touchscreen handset features Samsung’s TouchWiz interface that allows users to customize widgets on the home screen. It also has an optical mouse in place of D-pad, which should be convenient for navigation. Read More

Apple Placed 7th in Q3 2008 Worldwide Mobile Phone market

According to Gartner’s report the worldwide mobile phones sales reached 309 million units in third quarter of 2008, a 6 percent year-over-year increase. Nokia topped the mobile phone market with 118 million phones sold, which were more than twice Samsung’s sales of 52.8 million. Sony was in third place with 24.8 million units followed by Motorola and LG with 24.6 million units and 24 million units respectively. RIM was in the sixth place followed closely by Apple in seventh place. Read More

November 24, 2008

Apple Promoting the New MacBooks as The World’s Greenest Notebooks

Apple has setup a page to promote the environmentally friendly nature of the new MacBook lineup. The headline of the page says “The new MacBooks. The world’s greenest family of notebooks. The highly recyclable even more energy efficient MacBook family has been designed with the environment in mind.” Read More

Apple Safari and Google Chrome Gain Worldwide Browser Market Share

Research firm OneStat is reporting that both Safari and Chrome web browsers saw a market share increase in 2008. Safari’s market share increased 0.24 percent to 2.42 percent whereas Chrome reached 0.55 percent. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominated the worldwide browser market share with 81.36 percent, which drop from 83.27 percent in February 2008. Read More