September 26, 2008

Samsung Makes 8-Megapixel Pixon Handset Official

Samsung has launch a teaser website for its new 8-megapixel camera phone. The website shows the phone’s images through a lens and says, “Find out about Nick Turpin’s photographic adventure here on October 2nd”. Samsung will showcase the Pixon camera phone by letting a professional photographer loose with it. Basically, the website is dedicated to show imaging prowess of the Pixon handset. Read More

Nokia will Unveil iPhone Rival on October 2nd

Reuters is reporting that Nokia will unveil it first touchscreen phone next week. Photos of the upcoming Nokia “Tube” aka 5800 XpressMusic have already been leaked on the web. Nokia’s new phone is a direct challenge to Apple’s highly successful iPhone. Two industry sources told Reuters that Nokia would announce the new phone code named “Tube” – on October 2 at an analyst and media event in London. Read More

Rumor Roundup For Upcoming MacBook Lineup

Rumors about redesigned MacBook and MacBook Pro have been floating around the Internet for past six months. It is almost certain that Apple will launch the new MacBook lineup next month, and that has exponentially increased the rumors. According to the latest information obtained by AppleInsider, both the MacBook and MacBook Pro will share similarities not just in aluminum enclosures, but in their overall aesthetic as well. The new design will be based on the MacBook Air and iMac. The MacBooks will be tapered like the MacBook Air and will have black glass around the screen like the iMac. Read More

New Screenshots of BlackBerry Storm Reveal More Information

Verizon has been dutifully leaking information about the upcoming touchscreen BlackBerry Storm smartphone to keep the blogosphere buzzing. Almost all the specifications about the smartphone have been revealed, but Verizon has not shown the screenshots of the handset yet. Well, Vodafone is stepping up and screenshots of Vodafone branded Blackberry Strom have emerged. BGR has posted screenshots of some of the applications and user interface on their website. Read More

September 23, 2008

Fujifilm Announces Newly Developed FinePix Real 3D System

Fujifilm today showcased a completely new, real image system that includes 3D digital camera, 3D digital photo frame and 3D print. The 3D digital camera has two lenses, spaced like the human eyes and a new chip called ‘Real Photo Processor 3D’. The new image chip synchronizes the data passed to it by both sensors present behind the two lenses, and instantaneously blends the information into a single high quality image for both stills and movies. The two lenses are developed by Fujifilm for the 3D system to ensure complete conformity between the left and right images. Read More

Sony Officially Launches First Ultraportable with Blu-ray, the VAIO TT

Sony today updated its TZ series of ultraportable laptops adding many new features and also changing the name to TT series. The VAIO TT is the first ultraportable in the world that plays and burns Blu-ray disc at 2x speed. It is also the first ultraportable laptop that promises 100 percent color gamut reproduction on its 11.1-inch LED-backlit display. The laptop weighs just 2.9 pounds, as it is made using carbon fiber that makes it strong while keeping it light. Read More

Live Coverage of T-Mobile’s Android Phone Event Starts at 10:30am EST

  • That's it for live coverage, thanks' for joining.
  • We will post more information about the device and other related news as it becomes available.
  • everyone is going downstairs for an hand on experience with the device it over here
  • Google founders Sergey and Brin are also here today, they are talking about the device and why an open platform is important for geeks
  • The phone will support AAC, WMA, MP3 audio format, it will have dualband UMTS and Quad band GSM support.
  • it will use the same technology, think of it as chrome-lite
  • will is use Chrome browser
  • Bluetooth is there but no A2DP and G1 sync with all google apps
  • As there is no desktop sync app, will it have a sidekick like server side app and what about A2DP bluetooth profile.
  • The device will be available outside 3G coverage, but the customers will be informed in advance, the G1 comes with WiFi also.
  • No-the sync happens in the back-end across the network bit like sidekick
  • Will there be a desktop app for syncing?
  • A: you can read word and excel files now exchange support, will depend on third party developers foe that. The G1 will be SIM locked to T-Mobile.
  • Q: is there support for Microsoft office and Exchange
  • A: T-Mobile will not allow tethering and there will be separate voice and data plans for the G1
  • Q: can G1 be tethered as modem or do you need a separate plan
  • Rubin: when G1 launches the whole platform will go open source on web
  • In UK the phone will ship in November and across Europe in 2009.
  • 22 market will be covered by 3G network when the G1 is launched and T-Mobile will cover its 80 percent user base by end of 2008.
  • Only selected T-Mobile stores and dealers will carry it. the data and messaging plans will be $25 unlimited web and some messages or $35 unlimited data and messaging.
  • What will be price of the G1. It will be priced $179 (just below iPhone like we said) and customers can order online starting today. It will ship on October 27th 2008. 
  • Third party developers talk about their apps. the 15 minute Q&A session starts.
  • Video demo is over, Cole says "one of the things that will bring this to life is the open development environment" now he is showing a video about Developer community.
  • Android market for apps, it allows user ratings and on-device downloads, demoing pacman from Android market.
  • No Multitouch, but it frames with a resizable box and then zooms. What almost two years after the iPhone was announced and no multitouch thats bad....
  • shows google maps street view and gesture control on the touchscreen, now full html browsing, on-screen controls for zooming.
  • Now demoing the Amazon music store browsing album, artist and one click ordering on G1.
  • The home screen slides across like on the iPhone for more app icons, you can drop pictures and apps directly to home screen.
  • Cole is telling that press will have a chance to use the device first hand and will get first hand photos and videos about the G1. now showing another video about what G1 can do.
  • Now they are all on stage for photos
  • Cole is now showing a video demo, that has lots of screenshots of youtube, google maps and other apps, it shows photo resizing,  gesture control and some other functions.
  • Now Cole is back on the stage and thanks Andy and Peter for their leadership. he says that the lack of mobile devices and application that can take full advantage of broadband network has led T-Mobile to this point. (three months back there was not broadband on T-Mobile network right).
  • Chow says that the device will maximize the Internet experience and will appeal to broad number of people. because the Android platform is nimble, flexible and powerful.
  • Now it's HTC's turn and Peter Chow the CEO of HTC takes the stage and says the HTC, T-Mobile and Google shared the same vision of making mobile internet more practical and usable. HTC has worked closely with both the companies to develop an "iconic design", seriously G1 is an iconic design.
  • Andy Rubin of Google takes the stage, he is describing Google as the Internet company, he says that developers will not only be able to develop for the platform but will be able to change it.
  • They say T-Mobile is founding member of the Open Handset Alliance and it is committed to open mobile platform.
  • Deutsche Telecom the parent company of T-Mobile will be exclusive partner of Google and HTC and will launch the device simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. 
  • So, it starts, T-Mobile's CTO Cole Brodeman takes the stage and says "we are here today to change things"
  • Everyone here has iPhones. actually we haven't seen any other phone except the great iPhone. T-Mobile people might be feeling bit odd....
  • Just few more minutes to start.
  • In the conference T-Mobile's CTO Cole Brodman, T-Mobile's Group product and innovation officer Christopher Schiaffer, Google's senior director of mobile platform Andy Rubin and HTC's CEO Peter Chou will speak.
  • The press conference and Q&A session will last for 45 minute and then there will be a product showcase from 11:15am to 1:00pm
  • It is now confirmed that Amazon will be providing the music download store for the G1.
  • It looks like John Mayer is here, he might perform today. lets wait and see. I am not a big fan of John, so i don't care.
  • Ok we are in the hall still 20 minutes to go
  • 30 more minutes to go before the android party starts.
Last week, T-Mobile had sent out invitations for press conference to launch the new Google Android based phone on September 23rd. The D-day has come and we will be doing live coverage of the event. The event starts in New York at 10:30am EST, so don’t forget and set you alarms. For live coverage please visit The coverage for different time zones is as follows:
Pacific: 07:30am
Mountain: 08:30am
Central: 09:30am
London: 3:30pm

September 22, 2008

Samsung Shows Compact Superzoom HZ1 Camera at Photokina

Samsung is showing the new HZ1 at Photokina 2008. The camera boasts a 10x optical zoom lens and compact dimensions similar to most pocket size cameras. Samsung claims that HZ1 is the world’s first superzoom camera to offer 24mm equivalent wide angle. The lens focal length range is 4.2-42mm, which translates into 24-240mm in 35mm terms. Read More

Olympus Reveals E-A1 Digital SLR and Micro Four Thirds Camera Model

Olympus will be showcasing their new Four Thirds standard camera E-A1 at Photokina 2008. Olympus has lacked a dSLR model that would compete with cameras in $700 to $1500 range, like the Canon 40D and Nikon D90. To fill that gap Olympus plans to announce the new midrange E-A1 camera that will ship in late 2008 or early 2009. The E-A1 will have 11-point auto focus, flip and twist LCD, sensor shift image stabilizer, weather sealing and shutter speed up to 1/8000 second. Read More

Leica Reveals 37-Megapixel S2 Digital Camera

Leica has joined the higher megapixel race with their new S-system, the 37-megapixel Leica S2 that’s aimed at the high-end professional photographers. The sensor on the S2 is 56 percent larger than those found on 35mm full-frame digital SLRs. Leica directly called out its competitor by claiming that their new S2 is twice as fast as Hasselblad H-series cameras. Read More

SanDisk Announces “slotMusic” microSD Cards with Pre-loaded Music

SanDisk and music industry formed a partnership to announce “slotMusic” a microSD cards that will come with preloaded, high quality, DRM-free MP3 music from EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music. User can simply insert the slotMusic card into their microSD enabled mobile phone or MP3 player to listen to music. slotMusic card will be packaged with a tiny USB sleeve that will allow using the card with PCs and Macs. The MP3 tracks on the card will be encoded at 320kbps. Read More

Pentax Officially Launches Entry Level DSLR K-m aka K2000 in US

After series of rumors about the new entry level Pentax SLR, the company today officially announced the K-m digital SLR that will compete with Nikon D60 and Canon Rebel XS. The camera comes with a 10.2-megapixel CCD sensor, 2.7-inch LCD screen, Sensor shift image stabilization, dust reduction, ISO sensitivity of 100-3,200, 5-point autofocus, 3.5 fps continuous shooting mode, full manual controls, auto scene selection mode and support for SD/SDHC memory cards. Read More

September 21, 2008

Analyst: T-mobile will Sell 400K Google Android Based Handsets in Q4 2008

T-Mobile has already announced that it will launch the Android phone on 23rd September and it is believed that the phone will ship in late October. Predictions about the new handset are flying all-round. According to the latest research notes from Strategy Analytics, Google Android based phone will capture 4 percent market share of all smartphones sold in US for fourth quarter for 2008. Read More

Samsung Launches Their First Netbook, The NC10

Few days ago Digi Times reported that both Samsung and Toshiba are going to join the netbook race. Toshiba announced their netbook model NB100 two days ago and now its Samsung’s turn and they have launched the new NC10. The netbook comes with 10.2” WSVGA (1200 x 600) SuperBright non-gloss LED screen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1.3-megapixel camera, option for 80-160GB hard drive, Ethernet, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, multi-memory card reader, VGA port and three USB ports. Read More