June 26, 2009

Windows 7 Home Premium for $49.99 Only and Professional for $99.99 on Amazon

Amazon.com today announced that the Amazon Software Store is now offering Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system Home Premium Upgrade and Professional Upgrade packages for $49.99 and $99.99, which represent a savings of 50 percent and 58 percent from the suggested retail price. Amazon.com customers can pre-order Windows 7 at these prices now through July 11, while supplies last. Customers who pre-order Windows 7 from Amazon.com can take advantage of the additional convenience of receiving the product when it is released on October 22, which means they can order from their PC or mobile device and receive Windows 7 on the same day it’s released in physical stores.

You can pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium for $49.99 and Windows 7 Professional for $99.99 on Amazon today. The offer is only available till July 11th, after which the price will go back to $119 and $199 respectively.

June 25, 2009

One Million Palm Pre Apps Downloaded

Though Palm Pre launch was nowhere as big as iPhone 3GS launch, but the Palm Pre app store is going very strong. Palm announced that customers have downloaded more than one million applications from the app store for Pre. It took Palm about 3 weeks to reach one million mark, which doesn’t look that impressive when compared to less than three days Apple’s App Store required to reach one million download after launch last year. Read More

Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Availability Information, Pricing Details and a Special Offer

Microsoft today announced release details and pricing for the upcoming Windows 7 after unveiling the packaging for the software yesterday. In the video above, Microsoft’s VP of Windows Consumer Marketing, Brad Brooks talks about Windows upgrade options, international availability, pricing and the special offer.
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June 23, 2009

iPhone 3GS Floors Competition in Various Benchmarks

Many websites have posted videos and speed test results showing how fast the new iPhone 3GS is. Even developers are impressed by the speed and frame rates iPhone 3GS is able to achieve. CNET was one of the first website that posted speed test video of iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 3G and Palm Pre. However, CNET’s tests were done unscientifically and their results depended more on AT&T’s 3G network in the given area than the performance of the new iPhone. Read More

Sony's New VAIO P offers 1.6GHz Processor and 128 GB SSD for .. Whoa! $1499

Sony has updated its VAIO P series and added new ultraportable configuration that comes with 1.6GHz Intel Processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 128GB SSD, GPS, Bluetooth and Verizon Mobile broadband for $1,499. The new VAIO P model is available for pre-order and it will start shipping by end of this month. You can get more information about the new model on Sony’s website. Now the main question – why would someone pay $1,500 plus taxes for a netbook? Read More

June 22, 2009

Apple Sells Over One Million iPhone 3GS Over the Launch Weekend

Apple today announced that it has sold over one million iPhone 3GS models through Sunday, June 21, the third day after its launch. In addition, six million customers have downloaded the new iPhone 3.0 software in the first five days since its release. Read More

Review Roundup: Apple iPhone 3GS Faster and More Powerful

Apple introduced the new iPhone 3GS on 8th June and started shipping the phone on 19th June. The new iPhone 3GS packs faster process, more memory and better graphics engine. Apple claims that iPhone 3GS is twice as fast as iPhone 3G and has longer battery life for every feature except 3G talk time, which stays at 5 hours. Most reviewers agree that the S in iPhone 3GS stands for speed, and the new phone is faster, more powerful and overall better than its predecessor iPhone 3G. We have selected 10 best iPhone 3GS reviews and added links below:
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