March 14, 2009

Apple to Introduce Premium App Store Along with iPhone 3.0

Apple has sent out invitation for its upcoming 17th March iPhone OS 3.0 event, where the company will showcase their latest iPhone OS 3.0 as well as the new iPhone SDK. However, according to Wired that won’t be all, they have heard rumors that Apple will also introduce a “Premium” App Store section that will feature applications priced above $20. Read More

Apple’s iPhone Market Grew 245 Percent in 2008

Gartner has released smartphone market share statistics for 2008 and iPhone saw the largest rise in market share. Though Nokia still rules the smartphone market, its market share went down from 49.4 percent in 2007 to 43.7 percent in 2008. RIM was in the second place with sales of 23 million BlackBerry devices, their market share for 2008 was 16.6 percent up from 9.6 percent in 2007. In third place it was Apple with sales of 11 million iPhone. Read More

March 13, 2009

Microsoft Says IE8 Faster than Firefox and Chrome on Average

Microsoft has been taking lot of heat as IE8 has been shown to be way slower than other competing browsers in various tests done by tech journalists. Microsoft has posted a video showcasing that IE8 is faster than Firefox and Google Chrome on average when loading top 25 most visited websites. According to Microsoft existing browser benchmarking tools available today are either narrow in their scope (SunSpider, Celtic Kane), inaccurate (iBench), or don’t consider important factors such as network latency, network congestion and caching. Read More

Onkyo Introduces TX-SR607 World’s First AV Receiver with Dolby ProLogic IIz

Onkyo today introduced three new home theater receivers, including world’s first to offer Dolby’s new ProLogic IIz processing. All three receivers include an array of advanced HD audio and video technologies from Onkyo, Dolby, DTS, Audyssey, Faroudja and others, but it is the TX-SR607 receiver that is the most interesting as it features Dolby ProLogic IIz. Read More

March 12, 2009

Apple Invites Media to Show iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17th

Apple has sent out invitation for a special media event on March 17th. The event will focus on iPhone OS 3.0 and new iPhone SDK. Apple is calling this event an “advance preview of what we’re building”. The event will take place at Apple, Building 4, Town Hall on March 17 at 10:00am. Read more

Dell Unveils All-in-One Studio One 19 Desktop

Dell today announced the new Studio One 19 all-in-one desktop that is designed like the iMac. The desktop features a 18.5-inch 16:9 ratio LCD screen with 1366 x 768 resolution that has optional support for multitouch input for media playback and image editing. Read More

March 11, 2009

Apple Releases iTunes 8.1 Update

Apple has released the latest iTunes update, which was revealed earlier today. According to the releases note, iTunes 8.1 is now faster and more responsive. You will enjoy noticeable improvements when working with large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store, preparing to sync with iPod or iPhone and optimizing photos for syncing. Read More

Apple Announces New iPod Shuffle World’s Smallest MP3 Player

Apple today introduced the all-new iPod Shuffle, the world’s smallest music player at nearly half of the size of the previous model, and the first music player that talks to you. The revolutionary new VoiceOver feature enables iPod shuffle to speak your song titles, artists and playlist names. The third generation iPod shuffle holds up to 1,000 songs (4GB capacity) and is easier to use with all of the controls conveniently located on the earphone cord. Read More

March 10, 2009

Rumor: New iPhone, iPhone Nano and iPod touch Coming Soon

Derek Underwood has posted on his blog that Apple is putting the final touches on the new and improved iPhone and iPod touch, which they will launch soon. The new devices will see substantial increase in performance and capacity. The existing iPhone owners will be able to upgrade before their contract expires at reduced rate. Read More

More Sources Point Towards Touchscreen Netbook by Apple

Dow Jones Newswires has joined the list of news sources pointing towards imminent launch of touchscreen notebook from Apple. Two people close to the situation told Dow Jones that Apple is planning to launch a netbook computer with a touchscreen monitor as early as the second half of this year. Read More

Dell Posts Teaser Video for Upcoming Adamo Laptop

Dell has posted a video showcasing the manufacturing process that is used to make the upcoming Adamo luxury laptop. The video shows two laser-equipped robots cutting a block of aluminum to make the base of Adamo laptop and then adding various laptop parts to it, resulting in a the finished product. Read More and Watch Video

March 9, 2009

Palm Investor Says iPhones Customers will Switch to Pre

In an interview with Bloomberg, Palm investor Roger McNamee said Palm Pre would lure iPhone customers when their contracts start expiring in June.
“You Know the beautiful thing: June 29, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone,” McNamee told Bloomberg. “Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.”
Read More

Apple Adds QuickTime X Player, Cocoa Desktop and Multi-Finger Gestures in Latest Snow Leopard Beta

Last week, Apple released the latest beta build 10A286 of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to selected developer. The new build included significant changes to the QuickTime player, Finder, Core Text and Gesture inputs. Apple has added completely redesigned QuickTime X Player to Snow Leopard. The new player loses the current below the video control scheme in favor of video overlay controls similar to iTunes video playback. Read More

Is Apple Developing a Touchscreen Netbook for Release in Second Half of 2009?

Rumors about Apple working on touchscreen netbook/tablet have been around the blogosphere for more than a few years now. Apple has repeatedly denied the rumors, but Apple does that with every produce before officially announcing it. According to Chinese language Commercial Times, Taiwan based Wintek is working with Apple for developed of touch panels that will be used in Apple’s new netbook and the shipments of these panels will start in the third quarter of this year. Read More