December 26, 2008

Apple, Amazon and Nintendo have a Blockbuster Holiday Season

Economy is going down daily and most companies are suffering because of that. But Apple, Amazon and Nintendo just had the best holiday season ever in their companies’ history. Amazon today reported that 2008 holiday season was the ‘best ever’ with more than 6.3 million items ordered and 5.6 million units shipped during its peak day on December 15th. Amazon further added, “Based on the number of items ordered, Nintendo Wii, Samsung 52-inch LCD HDTV, Apple iPod touch and the Blokus board game were the bestsellers. Read More

Intel will not Block NVIDIA’s Ion Platform for Atom Processors

Few days back, it was reported that Intel has no plans to validate or form partnership with NVIDIA to support Ion platform. That has changed today, an Intel’s spokesman has denied the statement. Intel’s Bill Calder told InternetNews that nothing is stopping netbook makers from shipping Atom based products using NVIDIA’s Ion platform. He said, “We sell Atom as a stand-alone processor or as package with chipset”. Read More

Nokia China Publishes Unannounced 6208c Touchscreen Handset

Nokia’s Chinese website has published details about the unannounced touchscreen 6208c candybar handset. The 6208c will have a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, 3.5mm audio out port, microSD card slot, Bluetooth and tri-band GSM. Battery life on the phone will be 3.5 hours talk time and 12.5 days of standby time. Read More

Apple Files Patent Application for Multitouch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard

Apple has been working very hard to improve multitouch user experience and hence it’s filing series of patents related to the technology. The latest patent application filed by Apple is called “Swipe Gestures for Touch Screen Keyboard”. In the application Apple showcases various ways swipe gestures can be used to make iPhone’s on screen keyboard faster and easier to use. Read More

December 25, 2008

Dell to Use 3.5mm Ultra-Thin LCD Panel for Adamo Notebooks

DigiTimes is reporting that Dell will use 3.5mm ultra-thin panels made by LG Display and Samsung Electronics for its upcoming Adamo notebooks. The LCD panels will have 16:10 aspect ratio and will be costlier than average thin LCD displays available. The New York Times has reported yesterday that Dell’s Adamo will be an ultra-thin notebook series rivaling the MacBook Air from Apple. Read More

December 24, 2008

Intel doesn’t want NVIDIA Inside Netbooks

Last week, NVIDIA announced their new 9400M based Ion platform for netbooks. The Ion platform combined GeForce 9400M graphics card with Intel Atom processor on a Pico-ITX mainboard. The only problem with the Ion platform was that Intel only sells Atom CPUs as a bundle with corresponding chipsets. And Intel has said that it has no plans to validate or form partnership with NVIDIA to support Ion platform. So, why is Intel against NVIDIA’s Ion platform? Read More

December 23, 2008

Next Gen iMac Coming in January

A Chinese newspaper Economic Daily is reporting that their sources in Apple’s supply chain have informed them about Apple’s plan to launch a new iMac in first quarter of 2009. Quanta Computer will make the new all-in-one desktop and the company is preparing to ship around 800,000 units for Q1 2009. According to the newspaper, Apple will announce the product in January 2009. Read More

HP Firebird 803 Gaming Desktop Leaked

Images and Specifications of new HP Firebird PC 803 have been leaked on Internet. The impressive new desktop looks inspired by gaming console design as it has a vertical slot loading disc drive, external power supply and very little configurability or expansion available. The leaked specifications are impressive for a small gaming desktop. Read More

Palm’s CEO Confirms Nova in Beta Testing Phase

Ed Colligan, Palm’s CEO revealed that both wireless carriers and software developers have started testing devices based on its upcoming Nova smartphone OS. Colligan said that both the carriers and software developers have been extremely pleased by the new OS. The company brought some existing software developers on-board with Nova development to ensure third party software support when the Nova platform is launched. Read More

December 22, 2008

Best Headset / Earphones for iPhone

The earphones that come with the iPhone are not bad, but if you love your music, you will have to invest in a better quality earphone / headset. We have compiled a list of best sounding earphones in various price ranges for the iPhone. Read More

Garmin Planning Android Phone for Second Half of 2009; Motorola Abandons Symbian for Android

Garmin has yet not released the nuvifone that they announced in 2007, but the company is planning a follow-up device based on Google’s open source Android platform. Tony An, Garmin’s Asia Pacific marketing director has said that the nuvifone will be launched for Taiwan market in Q2 2009, with Android based device coming later in 2009. In other Android news, Motorola would cease almost all production in 2009 (for Symbian devices), so as to prepare a full new range of Android-based handsets. Read More

LED The Future of Lighting Technology

Two professors E. Fred Schubert and Jong Kyu Kim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have published a paper about the revolution LED will bring to lighting technology. According to the paper, a new generation of lighting devices based on LED (light-emitting diodes) will replace bulb in coming years. This change in lighting technology will result in following benefits over a period of 10 years. Read More