May 29, 2010

Fourth Generation iPhone Screen Resolution 960 x 640 Confirmed

A Czech website has put the next gen iPhone screen under microscope to find out the true resolution and display type of the upcoming device screen. According to the website, upcoming iPhone will indeed have 960 x 640 resolution and use IPS LCD panel for better viewing angle and color reproduction. The screen will have double the resolution and quadruple the total number of pixel when compared to current iPhone 3GS. Next iPhone will offer highest pixel density of any smartphone available on the market at whopping 320dpi.
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Nokia Posts Video Overview of The New Flagship N8 Smartphone

Nokia has posted a video showcasing the features of Symbian^3 OS on their new smartphone Nokia N8. In the video, Chris Bennetts, senior product manager of Nokia N8 team shows N8’s UI, messaging app, browser and Maps. He also talks at length about the new customizable homescreens allowing users to choose widgets and applications that will appear on the three homescreens of N8. This is the first of series of three videos that Nokia will post showcasing the new handset. The other two videos will cover applications and hardware of the device.
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May 28, 2010

Analyst: WWDC to Bring and Updated Mac Pro, MacBook Air

Kaufman Bros’ analyst Shaw Wu wrote in his research note “Other announcements we are picking up that could potentially be made are, a web-based version of its iTunes client, and new Mac refreshes with faster processors and graphics, namely the Mac Pro and MacBook Air, which were last refreshed in March and June 2009, respectively.”
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Next Gen Apple TV to Use A4 Processor and Cost $99

Engadget has got a tip that Apple will update its Apple TV later this year. The website confirmed this tip with a source very close to Apple – who says that Apple has been working on next version of Apple TV long before Google announced their TV solution. Apple will base the new Apple TV on iPhone OS and use Apple’s A4 processor just like the iPad and upcoming fourth generation iPhone.
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Acer Introduces eReader LumiRead and Shows 7-inch Tablet

Acer has joined the eReader race with their new LumiRead that is DLNA compliant allowing users to access and share contents like eBooks and audio-books. LumiRead comes with 6-inch E-ink screen, 2GB flash memory and microSD card slot. An innovative ISBN scanner on the device allows to scan ISBN codes so you can create your own wish-list and search on supported online libraries and book stores. It also has QWERTY keyboard for easy browsing and searching of content.
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Buyers Lineup to Get The New iPad in Japan, Australia and UK

Apple today launched iPad in nine additional countries and like US launch in April, people have lineup outside Apple Stores to get their hands on the new iPad in Japan Australia and UK. Japan got the iPad first and there were over 1,200 buyers waiting in queue outside Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo, for 8 AM launch. Buyers also lined-up outside Softbank store - who have exclusive partnership with Apple for iPad launch.
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May 27, 2010

Barnes & Nobel Introduces BN eReader App for iPad

Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookseller, today launched BN eReader app for iPad, offering iPad owners another option to buy eBooks. BN eReader for iPad users can customize the way they read with professionally designed or completely personalized themes, shop more than one million eBooks, newspapers and magazines in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, and access their personal Barnes & Noble digital library, including most periodicals. BN eReader for iPad is the only eReading app that offers eBook sharing with friends (Lend to Friends).
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May 26, 2010

Analyst Says More Than One iPhone Model Ready for Launch

In a Q&A section with Digitimes, senior research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed new information about upcoming fourth generation iPhone, which he got from industry sources. He said the fourth gen iPhone would be very similar to the one Gizmodo leaked last month. The phone is codenamed N90 and Apple has been working on the project since 2008.
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Next Gen iPhone to Get Early June Launch

It is almost confirmed that Apple will announce the new iPhone at WWDC on June 7th. And now BGR is reporting that AT&T has confirmed to employees new iPhone will launch in June. BGR wrote:
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Wired Magazine App Now Available on iPad App Store

Wired announced today that Wired’s first digital edition is now available for the iPad. Wired said at the launch “The tablet is our opportunity to make the Wired we always dreamed of. It has all the visual impact of paper, enhanced by interactive elements like video and animated infographics. We can offer you a history of Mars landings that lets you explore the red planet yourself. We can take you inside Trent Reznor’s recording studio and let you listen to snippets of his work in progress. And we can show you exactly how Pixar crafted each frame of its new movie, Toy Story 3.”
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Latest Office for Mac 2011 Beta Reveals New Icons and Splash Screens

Microsoft has released the third beta of Office 2011 for Mac to the developers. Office 2011 will be released by end of this year for customers and the productivity suit is under beta testing right now. With the third beta Office looks almost ready for release with some minor kinks left to iron out.
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May 25, 2010

NVIDIA Introduces First Fermi Based GeForce GTX 480M GPU for Notebooks

NVIDIA today introduced the new GeForce GTX 480M GPU for Notebooks based on Fermi architecture. NVIDIA claims the 480M is the world’s fastest notebook GPU and is DirectX 11 done right for notebooks. Tessellation is the most important new feature for the DirectX 11 API, and the GeForce GTX 480M offers a dedicated Tessellation engine for up to 5x more performance than any other GPU.
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Apple Auditioning Actors for Fourth Gen iPhone Ads Highlighting Video Chat

Engadget is reporting that Apple has hired American Beauty director Sam Mendes to put together a series of commercials for Apple’s next generation iPhone. A trusted source has confirmed to Engadget that the internal codename of the new phone is Mammoth/N90 and one of the ads will feature mother and daughter having video chat using the new front facing camera on upcoming iPhone.
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May 24, 2010

Seagate Introduces World’s Fastest Hard Drive Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive For Laptops

Seagate today announced Momentus XT drive, the world’s fastest 2.5-inch laptop hard drive, combining SSD-like performance with the massive capacity and much lower cost of HDDs. The Momentus XT drive features Adaptive Memory – a new technology from Seagate that learns and optimizes the drive’s performance to each user by moving frequently used information into the flash memory for faster access. The Momentus XT solid state hybrid drive boots up to 100 percent faster than traditional 5400RPM drives.
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Review Roundup: Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2010)

Apple updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro with new NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor, faster Core 2 Duo processors and even longer battery life (10-hours). The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in two configurations: one with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM and 250GB hard drive priced at $1,199; and one with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM and 320GB hard drive priced at $1,499.
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