December 11, 2009

Will Apple Use Pixel Qi’s New LCD Screen Technology in Upcoming Tablet?

Pixel Qi has introduced new LCD screen technology that offers lower power requirements, easy readability in direct sunlight along with full color screen with fast video refresh rate. Pixel Qi says, “Our screens use ½ to ¼ power of regular LCD screen, and when integrated carefully with the device can increase battery life between charges by 5-fold.” Pixel Qi has started sampling the screen and will start shipment in quantity in Q1 2010.
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iPhone Sales Rising in China and Foxconn Receives Orders to Manufacture Next Gen iPhone

China Unicom, Apple’s carrier partner in China announced today that they have now sold more than 100,000 iPhones since launch on October 30th. These results indicate that since the opening week the iPhone sales have increased, as China Unicom only sold 5000 phones on the launch week. It means that iPhone sales have gone from 5000 to about 24,000 per week in past few weeks.
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December 10, 2009

Next Generation Wireless Technology to Bring Data Transfer Speed in Gigabits

Two wireless technologies will very soon bring gigabit data transfer speeds to our homes. The first technology is new WiGig that runs on 60GHz spectrum and can transfer up to 7Gbps data. The second technology is the one we all love and use every day – WiFi. The new 802.11ac standard will bring up to 1Gbps download speed on 80Mhz or 160MHz spectrum.
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Asus Developing Eee Pad Inspired by Still Unannounced Apple Tablet

According to Digitimes, “Asustek Computer is making preparations to launch a new device named Eee Pad featuring a 4- to 7-inch panel, and which will offer a combination of tablet PC and MID functions, according to industry sources. Current details of the Eee Pad suggest the product has been inspired by the rumors of Apple’s planned tablet device, the sources commented.”
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December 9, 2009

Samsung Formally Launches ‘bada’ Smartphone Platform

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled its “bada” smartphone platform and showcased the bada SDK for partners and developers at an event in London. According to Samsung, the new smartphone platform will provide unique benefits and unprecedented opportunities to developers, mobile operators and consumers.
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Apple to Start Tablet Production in February and Launch in March or April 2010

Oppenheimer’s analyst Yair Reiner, today revealed in his note to investors that Apple is preparing to launch the new Tablet and the company has been reaching out to book publishers with a very attractive proposal for offering content on forthcoming tablet platform. He believes that Apple is offering same 70/30 split to book publishers that it offers to developers on App Store compared to 50/50 split given by Amazon on Kindle platform.
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December 8, 2009

Beta Version of Google Chrome Brower for Mac Released and Initial Impression of the New Browser

Google today released the highly anticipated beta version of its Chrome browser for Mac. According to Google, the main features of the Chrome browser for Mac are speed, stability, security, new tab page, Omnibox, themes and incognito mode. The Chrome for Mac has been in development for almost a year now and was released to developers six months back. The beta version released today is the first public release of the Chrome browser for Mac.
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CrunchPad Demoed as New JooJoo Web Slate by Fusion Garage

All the complications between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage aside, Fusion Garage’s CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan officially launched the JooJoo Web Stale, which was previously known as CrunchPad. Chandra emphasized in the webcast that “Despite what was written, there is no suit filed today. We own the IP and will defend it. TechCrunch didn’t contribute a single line of code… As Michael wrote in his own April 2009 blog post, ‘All credit should go to Fusion Garage.’”
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December 7, 2009

Apple Passing on Next Generation Intel Arrandale Notebook CPU

It has been rumored for past few months that Apple will release new MacBooks based on Arrandale processor early next year. However, BrightSideofNews claims that Apple has refused to adopt the Arrandale processor that comes with integrated graphics chipset. The website says:
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