May 15, 2010

Leak Reveals White MacBook Update to Bring 2.4GHz Processor and NVIDIA 320M Graphics

Earlier this week, Vietnamese site Tinhte posted video of upcoming iPhone fourth generation and now they have managed to get their hands on upcoming white MacBook. Not only has the website published detailed specifications of the MacBook, but also posted a video (added below) showing the new MacBook in action.
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May 14, 2010

Five Important Features Missing on iPad

Since the launch on April 3rd, iPad has been selling like hot cakes but the new device from Apple isn’t perfect and is missing some very important features. There is a long list of features that Apple could have added to the iPad. However, we believe the five features that would have made iPad a great product from a good product are as follows:
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Google’s CEO Says 65,000 Android Handsets Shipping Per Day

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at annual shareholder meeting that more than 65,000 handsets based on Android are shipping every day via various hardware partners. Android handsets are now available in 49 countries and there are 34 mobile devices based on the OS in the market today.
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May 13, 2010

AMD Reveals 2010 Mobile and Desktop Processor Roadmap

AMD revealed their mobile and desktop platform for 2010 that focuses on combining graphics (VISION Technology) and CPU power to offer better performance than comparable Intel systems. On the notebook side, AMD 2010 Mainstream Notebook Platform and 2010 Ultrathin Notebook platform will both offer HD playback, sleek form factor, video/photo editing and up to eight hours of battery life. According to AMD, the examples of benefits the platforms provide to consumer include the following:
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Apple and Adobe War Dance Continues

Adobe has started a new ad campaign and their cofounders have written a letter in response to Steve Jobs’ Thought on Flash. In the ad Adobe says, “We Love Apple” and then adds, “What we don’t love is anybody taking away your freedom to choose what you create, how you create it, and what you experience on the web.” In their ad Adobe is basically trying to portray Adobe Flash as an open platform and Apple as the villain against content freedom on web.
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Sprint to Ship HTC EVO 4G on June 4 Priced $199

Sprint today announced that HTC EVO 4G would go on sale starting June 4th priced $199.99 with two-year contract. HTC EVO is the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset offering 3G service over CDMA network and 4G service over WiMax network. The phone features 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 512MB RAM, 1GB onboard storage, 8-megapixel camera, 1.3-megapixel forward-facing webcam, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, digital compass and microSD card slot.
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May 12, 2010

Microsoft Launches Office 2010 for Businesses

Today, Microsoft Corp. announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010, as well as Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010, for business customers worldwide. More than 90 million businesses can now deploy the 2010 suite of products, and customers can expect to see significant productivity gains and greater return on their software investments.
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Another iPhone Fourth Generation Prototype in Wild

A Vietnamese forum has posted pictures and video of next generation iPhone prototype. A Vietnamese businessman bought the device in US for $4,000 along with an iPad. Though the iPhone in the pictures looks very similar to the one posted by Gizmodo there are few key differences:
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May 11, 2010

Sony Unveils NEX-3 and NEX-5 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Sony has introduced NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras with DSLR-quality imaging and the convenience of interchangeable lenses in a sleek new design that slips easily into a jacket pocket or bag. In contrast with conventional DSLR models, the ‘mirrorless’ construction shrinks the thickness of both cameras to just 24.2mm (NEX-5) at their slimmest point. As a luxurious extra refinement, the NEX-5 features a tough yet light-weight magnesium body, making it the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens digital camera.
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May 10, 2010

WiGig Publishes Multi-Gigabit Wireless Specification

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig), the organization advancing the worldwide adoption and use of 60 GHz wireless technology, today announced the publication of its unified wireless specification and the opening of its Adopter Program. WiGig adopter members can now begin developing wireless products that use the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum to deliver multi-gigabit-speed wireless communications.
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Intel’s New Atom Z6xx Series Processors for Smartphones

Intel has launched their new Intel Atom processor platform based on Moorestown architecture aimed at smartphones, tablets and handheld devices. The platform includes the Intel Atom processor Z6xx Series Family (formerly "Lincroft" system-on-chip [SoC]), the Intel Platform Controller Hub MP20 (formerly "Langwell") and a dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC), formerly "Briertown." The new platform supports a range of scalable frequencies, up to 1.5 GHz for high-end smartphones and up to 1.9 GHz for tablets and other handheld designs.
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