February 20, 2009

Complete Palm Pre Walkthrough Video

Small videos of various features of upcoming Palm Pre have been posted online since it was shown at CES 2009. However, thanks to Pre Community, first complete walkthrough video has been posted online. The 26-minute video shows calendar, contacts, browser, Synergy linking of information from Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and various social networks and more. Watch Video

NVIDIA’s CEO Talks About Intel Lawsuit and Ion Platform for VIA

In an interview with Digitimes, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang speaks out against Intel and reveals NVIDIA’s plan to support VIA processor on Ion platform. Intel has filed a lawsuit against NVIDIA, asking the court to stop NVIDIA from producing chipsets that are compatible with any Intel processor that has integrated memory controller. However, NVIDIA believes that it has license to produce chipset for Intel’s processors. Read More

Nanotech to Step-in for Faster, Smaller and More Powerful Computers

Nanotech has been professed as savior of all things human and now it will give us smaller, faster and more powerful computers. Two research teams have developed methods to make transistors that are fraction of the size used today in computer and a film material that stores data equivalent to 250 DVD disc on a surface the size of a quarter using Nanotechnology. Read More

February 19, 2009

Photo of Next Generation Mac mini Leaked

A photo showing rear portion of upcoming Mac mini has been leaked on the web. The photo shows five USB ports (4 in present gen), mini DVI (DVI in present gen), mini DisplayPort, audio ports, Ethernet and FireWire 800 port on the back of upcoming Mac mini. It has been rumored that the upcoming mini will have an additional USB port along with new mini DisplayPort found on Apple’s laptop lineup, and from the photo it looks like the rumors are true. Read More

February 18, 2009

Canon Unveils Ten PowerShot Cameras

Canon today introduced ten new PowerShot cameras starting with PowerShot SX1 IS with 20X optical zoom. It is the first PowerShot camera to feature 10.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and support Full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording at 30fps. The camera has a large 2.8-inch vari-angle LCD screen for flexible viewing angles. SX1 comes with 28mm wide-angle lens, Digic 4 processor, HDMI output, optical image stabilizer, motion detection, face recognition and ISO up to 3200. No information about pricing is yet available, but we think it should be in range of $399 to $499. Read More

February 17, 2009

LG Unveils Flagship KM900 Arena, First Win Mobile 6.5 GM730 and Stylish GD900 Phones

Almost two week before the Mobile World Congress expo, LG posted official pictures of the KM900 Arena on their blog stating, “All will be revealed at Mobile World Congress…” LG kept its promise and confirmed final specs of the flagship Arena handset. The phone uses S-Class 3D user interface to hide Windows Mobile OS by an iPhone like interface design. The S-Class 3D interface allows users to flick between applications by turning the home screen cube like design. Read More

Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5 and Recite Searchable Voice Note App

Microsoft today announced Windows Mobile 6.5 with mixed reactions from various analysts at Mobile World Congress. The main feature of the Windows Mobile 6.5 is its new user interface designed for finger input via touchscreen. The UI has two main components the Today screen and the Honeycomb Start screen. The Today screen is inspired by Zune’s interface and provides large buttons, finger scrolling and graphics like Zune. The Start screen is basically an application browser designed as honeycomb. Read More

February 15, 2009

Review Roundup: Apple iWork ‘09

Apple updated its productivity suite at Macworld in January 2009 and added number of revolutionary new features. The Keynote ‘09 adds advanced object transitions, Magic Move and sophisticated animations just by applying a simple transition. Pages ’09 features Full Screen view that helps you focus on your writing and an outline mode to organize your thoughts. The last application in iWork suite, Numbers ’09 introduces a quick way to group and summarize data and a simplified way to create complex formulas. Below we have added links for five of the best reviews available online for iWork ’09. Read More

Sony Ericsson Unveils Idou Touchscreen Phone with 12.1-Megapixel Camera

Before the Mobile World Congress Expo it was rumored that Samsung will be the first mobile phone maker to launch a 12-megapixel camera phone, but that didn’t happen. And now the title belongs to Sony Ericsson as they introduced first ever 12.1-megapixel camera phone codenamed Idou at its press conference in Barcelona. Read More and Watch the Idou in Action