September 9, 2011

TSMC to Start Mass Production of 28nm (A6) Chips in Early 2012, Hinting at iPad 3 Launch in Q1 2012

Apart from the ongoing lawsuit problems between Samsung and Apple, one of the main reasons behind Apple’s switch to TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) was their 28nm process technology for manufacturing ARM based chips. Till now Samsung has manufactured Apple’s A4 and A5 chips, but as anyone who has seen both the chip would know that A5 chip is almost double the size of A4 chip. The size difference is because both the chips are made with 40nm process technology, even though the A5 chip has dual core Cortex A9 processor and dual core PowerVR graphics engine, in place of single core process and graphics engine on A4 chip.
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September 8, 2011

More Hints Pointing to Imminent iPhone 5 October Launch

Few days back, we posted that more and more evidence is pointing to October iPhone 5 launch and today we have more information pointing to an iPhone 5 announcement coming soon with shipping date in October. The first piece of information comes from EXIF data of an image (above) posted by an Apple engineer online. Pocketnow got their hands on the image and posted:
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IBM and 3M Developing 3D Semiconductors with New Types of Adhesives

IBM and 3M today announced that the two companies plan to jointly develop the first adhesives that can be used to package semiconductors into densely stacked silicon "towers." The companies are aiming to create a new class of materials, which will make it possible to build, for the first time, commercial microprocessors composed of layers of up to 100 separate chips.
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September 7, 2011

Carriers Start Testing New iOS 5 Features, And Apple to Use New Thinner, Lighter Battery in iPad 3

Apple’s carrier partners have started internal testing and training of iOS 5 in preparation for launch of the new Apple mobile OS along with next generation iPhone 5. 9to5mac is reporting that the training is similar to what occurred soon before last year’s iOS 4 launch alongside the iPhone 4, and uses materials developed with Apple’s help including videos and documents describing the new features of the OS.
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September 6, 2011

Recent Rumors Point to an October Launch and Complete Redesign for iPhone 5

Till mid-August our sources were still saying that Apple was planning to launch iPhone 5 before start of fall (early or mid September). However, now it looks like they were wrong even if by just few days, more and more evidence is piling up for an October iPhone 5 launch. Also evidence that iPhone 5 will see a complete redesign is becoming very strong.
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