March 16, 2009

Live Coverage: Apple’s iPhone 3.0 Event on Tuesday 10:00 AM PST

We will post detailed analysis and information about iPhone OS 3.0 on TechzTalk.

The new SDK has many new features that will improve application development for iPhone. No new exciting features for customers. The SDK will definitely bring better applications to the iPhone platform.
  • That's it from Apple iPhone 3.0 event.
  • A: You can see them but I don't know if you can play them.
  • Q: Can you use peer to peer access for iTunes library?
  • A:It's a different radio, so it is a physical issue.
  • Is there a hardware limitation on first gen iPhone that prevents it from doing MMS?
  • A:We absolutely take performance very seriously. These units, because they're tethered are more laggy than you would see on standalone units.
  • Q:Are you addressing performance issues in 3.0?
  • A: yes with adapter
  • Q:Can you use off-the-shelf mic with Voice Memo?
  • A:Nothing to Announce
  • Q:Support for Bluetooth human input profile for external keyboard?
  • A: nothing to announce today
  • Q: Netbooks?
  • A: We're supporting tethering in the client side, we're building that support in. We're working with carriers around the world.
  • Q:Where do you stand on tethering?
  • A: it uses Bonjour so is limited to apple devices.
  • Q: Will peer to peer work with non-Apple devices?
  • A: We have no announcement, there are a lot of video streams iPhone can handle. we're adding HDTV streaming for audio and video.
  • Q:What about Flash?
  • A: It's not that easy. There were security issues.
  • Q: Why did copy/paste took so long?
  • Scott, Greg and Phil will be present for Q&A.
  • That's it for iPhone OS 3.0 and it's Q&A time now.
  • iPhone OS will ship this Summer, it will be a free update for iPhone owners, some features like A2DP and MMS won't work on first gen iPhone. iPod touch owners will be able to buy the update for $9.95.
  • The developer beta is available today for iPhone 3.0. App store is now available in 15 more countries bring the total to 77 countries.
  • Scott says that there are many other features in iPhone OS 3.0 like Note Sync, suto-fill, youtube accounts, stereo Bluetooth, WiFi auto login and anti-phising.
  • You can access search by flicking left from your standard home screen. The Spotlight searches through all the application on the iPhone and can it works as quick launcher for applications.
  • Next is system wide search - Apple has created a new home screen for this and it is called Spotlight.
  • A new application Voice Memos has been added that records voice memos. Apple is adding support for CalDAV and subscriptions to Calendar application.
  • Apple is also adding MMS to next version of iPhone OS and it works just like the SMS application.
  • iPhone 3.0 will have landscape view for applications like Mail, Notes and SMS.
  • Scott says that he wants to show one more thing and that's photos. now you can select multiple pics to send via email in iPhone OS 3.0.
  • The feature works with all the 3rd party apps also.
  • Double tap on text (a magnifying glass appears) to select it then slide your finger and pull across what you want to grab. Now you can paste the selected text anywhere. he is showing copy and paste across apps.
  • He says Apple has been working hard to develop a easy to use interface for the function on touchscreen. he demoing it now.
  • Scott is back on stage and says "3.0 brings a lot of new features for devs, and also for customer" The first new feature is cut, copy and paste.
  • They are doing a multiplayer demo on stage. it sounds good.
  • The app is similar to Ocarina, you blow in the mic, then slide the trombone on the right and change the range on left.
  • The new app from the company is Leaf Trombone World Stage, it is a multiplayer music application.
  • Now on stage it's Dr Ge Wang from Smule - the company that created Ocarina for iPhone.
  • The second game LiveFire is multiplayer first person shooter and the game play is really good. Graphics are good and smooth.
  • As you would have guessed Touch Pets is about pets, they are showing in-game purchases. a message appears on screen asking " Would you like to purchase Shirt Pack for $0.99?" with Buy and Cancel options.
  • Now ngmoco - a startup company is showing their new games for the iPhone - Touch Pets and LiveFire. Both are multiplayer games.
  • The Johnson & Johnson app for the iPhone uses that data for dieting and keeping track of glucose levels.
  • Anita Mathew from Johnson & Johnson is on stage showing off diabetes testing kit. She says that with the new SDK data from the kit can be transmitted to iPhone over Bluetooth or via dock connector.
  • ESPN is showing streaming video and it looks very good, the iPhone 3.0 has a new media player that automatically adjusts quality for the bandwidth available.
  • Steve's magic is missing and except from all the new API, till now it looks like nothing much is changing in iPhone OS 3.0
  • It is getting really boring, Now ESPN representative is on Stage.
  • They show a data base app from Oracle that uses Push Notification.
  • Next Hody Crouch from Oracle is on stage.
  • They are showing the game play - a character is buying something in the game.
  • EA's Travis Boatman is on stage now showing The Sims, which actually looks very good on the iPhone.
  • Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg is on stage and he is talking about Meebo apps in OS 3.0.
  • Scott says "this is a big update for iPhone SDK. Now, a couple of weeks ago we called a few devs to see what they could do in two weeks.
  • The new SDK will also feature new APIs for streaming video and audio as well as API for in-game voice.
  • Now he is explaining the Push architecture. So there will be no background application in iPhone 3.0
  • Scott explains why Apple is not allowing background applications. he says that Apple has been testing background applications, but battery life of the device drops by as much as 80 percent when multiple applications are running in the background.
  • Scott says that Apple was late because they had to re-architect the server structure to support Push.
  • Scott now talk about 'Push' " You know, we're late on this one".
  • Apple will now support use of core location for turn by turn navigation. Application based on this feature will be coming soon.
  • Apple shows FM transmitter with its own custom app and medical device that shows off blood pressure reading on the iPhone.
  • iPhone SDK 3.0 will also include support for accessories. For example, developers will be able to build custom apps that talk directly to their hardware.
  • Apple is adding peer to peer connectivity, which will be great for multi-player games. A new API allows iPhone and iPod touch to form an IP connection with other devices with same application to play games or share information via Bluetooth.
  • App Store will now support subscription model for e-books, games. For example you purchase a game with 10 levels, then after completing the first 10 levels you can update the game by buying next 10 levels directly from the game.
  • He says more than 800 million apps have been downloaded from App Store and there will be some major enhancements to the App Store in the new SDK.
  • Scott says that Apple worked hard for past one year to make iPhone SDK even better, 1000 new APIs have been added to the upcoming SDK.
  • He will talk about the iPhone OS 3.0.
  • Scott Forstall, SVP iPhone Software is on stage now.
  • Greg says " we've has a lot of curiosity over the submission process, 96 percent of application that have been submitted to app store have been approved."
  • Greg is now showing video of Steve Demeter creator of Trism, he talks about how easy it is to develop for iPhone.
  • Apple has sold over 30 million units of iPhone and iPod touch together. More than 800,000 people have downloaded iPhone SDK. there are 50,000 companies and individuals who have joined iPhone dev program.
  • He says that Apple is going to show the future plans for iPhone today. More than 13 million iPhones were sold in 2008.
  • Greg Joswiak is on stage and wishes everyone good morning.
  • Few more minutes to go.
  • What will Apple show along with iPhone OS 3.0? we hope there will be some new hardware. One More Thing...
  • Will Steve come for the keynote, just to watch as others do the work.
  • Well we are inside the hall and waiting for the keynote to start.
  • Less than 20 minutes to go. we should move in the hall soon.
  • iPhone 3.0 Event will start in less than a hour now.
We will be doing complete coverage of all the Announcements after the event. Please visit TechzTalk for detailed coverage of iPhone OS 3.0 and other announcements after the Event

Last week, Apple sent out invitation for iPhone 3.0 media event on March 17th. Apple has called the event “advance preview of what we’re building”. Many analysts believe that Apple will not only showcase iPhone OS 3.0, but also new device at the event. We don’t have any such information from our sources, however it would be great if Apple announces a 10-inch netbook/tablet.
TechzTalk will be doing live coverage of the iPhone event on Tuesday March 17th. So join us to find out more at 10:00am PST/ 12:00 pm CST/ 1:00 pm EST/ 5:00 pm London. Live iPhone OS 3.0 event coverage will be on

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