October 20, 2010

Live Coverage: Apple ‘Back to the Mac’ Event Today at 1PM EST / 10AM PST

That's all from the presentation. We will be shortly posted detailed information about each of the announcements that Apple made today on TechzTalk.
  • Steve is showing new MacBook Air introductory video.
  • The new MacBook AIR start at $999. You get 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB storage. For $1,199 you get 128Gb storage. The 13.3-inch model comes with 1.86GHz processor and is priced $1,299 for 128GB storage and $1,599 for 256GB storage.
  • Along with 13.3-inch model Apple is introducing a 11.6 inch model that weigh just 2.3 pounds. 11.6-inch model has same hardware configuration as 13.3-inch model.
  • MacBook Air has no optical or hard drive. The hard drive is replaced by Apple designed flash storage. The MacBook Air has 7 hours battery life and 30 days standby compared to 3 hours offer by similar notebooks.
  • The new Air has 13.3 inch screen 1440 x900, Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA 320M graphics and FaceTime camera.
  • Apple introduces new MacBook Air and it is 0.68 -inch thick at the thickest point and only 0.11-inch thick at the thinnest. It has full unibody construction.
  • One More thing, Apple will bring features found on iPad to other mobile devices.
  • Apple will release Mac App Store for Snow Leopard within 90 days and developers can submit app in November.
  • That's all Apple is showing and will release Mac OS X Lion in Summer 2011.
  • The Mission Control feature allow you to see everything that is running on Mac including full screen apps, desktop, and dashboard by using gestures.
  • All the apps can work in full screen and you can use multi touch gestures to switch between full screen, Mac desktop and dashboard.
  • Launchpad arranges all the app like iPad and once you click a app Launchpad disappears. Launchpad even has folder feature like iOS.
  • The Mac App Store looks exactly like iPhone and iPad App Store.
  • Craig is on stage to give demo Mac OS X Lion.
  • Mac App Store will follow iPhone App Store with similar rules. The apps will be saved in Launchpad.
  • Mac products will have multi touch but not on the screen. new multi touch features will be added to trackpad, magic mouse and magic trackpad.
  • Mac OS X will have iOS features integration with features like multi touch, App store, App home screens, full screen apps, auto save apps and auto resume apps.
  • Steve is talking about philosophy behind the new Mac OS X Lion.
  • Now a sneak peek of Mac OS X Lion.
  • Beta of FaceTime is available today for Mac.
  • Steve is now talking about FaceTime. He says that FaceTime is the first real video call application. Steve is introducing FaceTime for Mac, it work just like on the iPhone and iPod touch. Steve is demoing FaceTime.
  • iLife '11 will be free with every new Mac and the upgrade for old Mac is just $49.
  • The how did i play feature tells you how are you playing the instrument in real time. And help the learning process.
  • Garageband has learn to play feature with added lessons for piano and guitar.
  • The Groove matching features matches all the instruments in to a groove.
  • Steve is back on. And now Garageband '11 that comes with Flex Time, Groove matching, more guitar amp and new feature How did I Play.
  • He is now showing trailers created using the Movie Trailer feature on iMovie.
  • The technology Apple is bring to iMovie is exceptional and it is highlighted in the Movie Trailer feature.
  • He is now showing new Movie Trailer feature that can be used to make movie trailer like short movie.
  • Now One Step Effect, he shows instant reply and hold last frame effects.
  • Randy is on stage to show new iMove features. He is showing audio editing feature with real time editing and audio effects.
  • Steve is back and he is talking about iMovie '11. He says that the number one request for iMovie was better audio editing. So the new features are One step effects, People finder and new audio editing.
  • Phil is showing how letter pressed cards are made.
  • iPhoto also has a book shelves that keep all the book projects and cards made by you.
  • Making books in iPhoto is now easier with a carousel view and it imports all the photos based on rating and logically arranges them.
  • Emailing multiple photos from iPhoto is easier and it has different templates that you can use to create an email.
  • The Album view looks more like iPad Photo app and it can get live photos from FaceBook and Flickr.
  • Phil is now on stage talking about iPhoto. He is showing complete iPhoto app working in full screen mode. You can use all the features on iPhoto in full screen now. Like Place, Faces and Events.
  • iPhoto '11 has new full screen mode, FaceBook enhancement and main other features.
  • iLife '11 has the same five apps, I don't see iDVD in it.
  • Steve is back on stage and he is now talking about iLife.
  • Tim is now talking about Apple Stores and revenue generated by those store.
  • Mac is adding 30,000 developers every month with developers like Valve and Autodesk.
  • He says Mac share for US Consumer market is 20.7 percent.
  • He invites the Tim on stage and he is talking about Mac revenue, which was $22 billion for Mac last year.
  • Steve is on stage. "Good morning. Thank you for coming this morning."
  • The 'Back to the Mac' event is about to start, some jazz music playing in the background.
Apple Online Store is Offline with the usual message "We'll be back soon". We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.

We will be doing live coverage of Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ event today October 20th at 1PM EST and 10AM PST. Rumors are Steve Jobs will introduce Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, new MacBook Air and updated iLife ’11. Join us for the live coverage at live.techztalk.com at 10AM PST, 12PM CST, 1PM EST and 6PM London.

Till the event starts you can check out the Rumor Roundup for the Back to the Mac event.

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