September 2, 2006

Price comparison between Windows Vista and XP

Everyone on web has been talking about Windows vista pricing after Amazon started taking pre-orders for vista. But comparing prices of Vista to XP when XP was released in 2001 shows that pricing has remained almost same.

Windows XP Home : $199 for a new copy and $99 for Upgrade
Windows Vista Home: $199 for new copy and $99 for Upgrade
But what's with the vista Home Premium: $239 new and $159 Upgrade why extra for Premium there should be only one Home version.
Compare it to MAC OS X there is only one version for the OS, I do understand the need for Windows Professional edition but why two versions for home. Its like showing that Vista is better then XP but if you want all the features then you should have paid $40 more or $60 more for upgrade.

Windows XP Professional Edition $299 for new and $199 for upgrade
Windows Vista Business: $299 for new and $199 for upgrade
Again here the prices are same but as before there is a Ultimate edition which includes Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption and Network Capabilities like Group Policy. Why additional $100 for these capabilities which should have be included in Business version. I know Microsoft will justify there pricing but do you think that a OS should cost $400.

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