September 1, 2006

Windows Vista pre-Release Candidate 1 is faster then beta 2

Microsoft has released Windows vista Build 5536 or pre-release candidate 1, there are many improvement in this built compared to previous releases, over all speed has improved, stability has also improved when compared to build 5472. Still the biggest problem remains and that's drivers, finding drivers for vista is still a problem and if there are drivers they are not as good as for XP. For example performance of nvidia driver is slow and games give less frame rate when compared to Windows XP drivers. There is improvement in memory utilizations but still you atleast need 1GB RAM to make it work properly, A computer with 512MB RAM just cries for help, in fact vista is not at all usable for anything less then 1GB RAM.
Microsoft Windows Live service has be integrated into system, where Microsoft includes numerous shortcuts to various Windows Live service. Documents, pictures, favorites and music folders are color coded to differentiate them from other folder. Now you can update all Microsoft programs using windows update program. Using windows media center is also faster. Over all it a huge improvement over previous builds but still there are things which needs to be corrected or improved.

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