August 28, 2008

Sony Showcases World’s Thinnest LCD HDTV KDL-40ZX1 at Just 9.9mm

IFA Berlin is starting on 29th August and we have got a list of new HDTVs that will be announced at the trade show. The most interesting new HDTV that will be shown at IFA is Sony KDL-40ZX1. We have heard a lot about how thin OLED display are, at about 3mm, but they are available in only 11-inch size and no one wants to watch a movie on an 11-inch TV. The KDL-40ZX1 is the worlds thinnest LCD TV at just 9.9mm (0.38-inch) and it has 40-inch screen size. There are few concepts HDTVs that are slightly thinner, but there is no production LCD TV that even comes close to KDL-40ZX1. Read More

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