September 13, 2006

Apple iTunes 7.0

It was Apples day on Tuesday with new iPods, Apple also released update for iTunes. Apple made the iTunes 7 look more clean by making the source list more organized. Apple has added three different views first is list view which we normally see in iTunes library, second is Album view where you see the album art and songs grouped in albums and third is Cover flow view which enables you to rapidly find what you are looking for by scrolling through album covers. You can use different view for different playlist. If you have a iTunes Store account iTunes will automatically fetch available album art for any CD you import to iTunes. Now the iPod information can be see directly in iTunes without going in to iTune's preferences plus it give you detailed information about what you have on your iPod and how much space it has taken on your ipod. Apple has also added a Download manager where you can manage what you are downloading from iTunes store, you can pause a download and give preference to different downloads. iTunes also adds onscreen display like Quicktime plus the resolution of TV show available on itunes has been increased to 640 x 480. Apple has added some nice touches to an already great software.

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