September 10, 2006

Improvements in Vista RC1

Microsoft released Vista RC1 to developers last week, the RC1 is almost identical to the pre-RC1 release. RC1 has brought much need performance boost to Vista when compared to Vista Beta 2. You can see the improvement from the time it starts to install, time required to install vista has improved it has almost gone done by half. But one thing that surprised us was that Vista RC1 took more time to install on Dell XPS M1210 then on Apple Macbook, both had same processor (2.0Ghz core duo) same amount of RAM 1Gb. It took 45 Min on Macbook and 53 Min on Dell though the difference is small but it made us wonder.
Information Week has written a very good article about the Vista RC1, they mention five most important improvements in Vista. The five improvements are 1) Installation, 2) Driver support, 3) Performance, 4) Security and 5) Multimedia. Its a very good read to know about vista development. The conclusion of the article best describes Vista development "Simply put, Vista is no longer a drag to use, thanks to the RC1 improvements, and the OS has made key strides toward becoming a reality for the legions of Windows users." You can read the article here:
  • Vista RC1 Improvements
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