September 10, 2006

Intel Kentsfield (Quad-core Processor) by December 2006

Intel Kentsfield is the next revision of its Core processors, its a Quad-core chip which intel will release by end of 2006. Kentsfield is essentially combination of two Core 2 Duo (conroe chips) processor into one single processor. Processor speed will start at 2.67GHz and run on a 1066MHz FSB, it will have two 4MB level 2 cache and work with the present 965 and 975 series chipsets for today's Core 2 Duo motherboards. Intel is expected to offer this processor for testing to press and analysts at the end of this month. This new processor is expected to give performance improvement to already fastest chip on the market Core 2 Duo (Conroe) for desktops.

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